Monday, March 14, 2005

Brampton to Bloomfield in 7.5hrs

Driving from Brampton, ON to Bloomfield, NJ can be a breeze, just follow these directions. It would help tremendously if you have a hot navigator by your side just don't get distracted ;) From Derry Rd, get onto the 410 heading South -----> Merge onto the 403 West towards Hamilton ------> Merge onto the QEW towards Niagara ------> Take the 405 exit (exit 37) on the left towards Queenston and merge onto the 405 East ------> 405 E becomes Queenston Lewiston Bridge ------> Have your citizenship or passport ready to present at the border ------> If you pass the border without getting inspected then congrats and welcome to the United States of America ------> Use the washroom facilities at the border before proceeding ------> Take the I-190 S ------> Merge onto the I-290 E via exit 16 ------> Merge onto the I-90 E towards Rochester ------> Merge onto the I-690 E towards Syracuse ------> Merge onto the I-81 S towards Binghamton ------> This is a pretty long stretch with fewer rest stations than the I-90 so make sure to pee or eat before you get on ------> Merge onto I-380 S ------> Don't forget to enjoy the view of upstate NY! ------> Merge onto the I-80 E towards Stroudsburg ------> Merge onto the I-280 E towards Newark ------> Take the Garden state Parkway/Oraton Prkwy exit ------> Take the Garden State Parkway & Local Exit ------> Take the Garden State Parkway N/Oraton Pkwy exit towards East Orange ------> Merge onto the Garden State Pkwy N ------> Take exit 148 towards Bloomfield Ave. ----> Welcome to Bloomfield NJ