Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sakura, Sakura Night

Do you all remember that Snowy, Snowy Night back in February? Well, I'm happy to report that after a little more than three months, Spring is finally in full bloom over here..... (click on the lantern a few times)

sawagashiki yo wo oshi haratte oso-zakura
"the cure for
this raucous world…
late cherry blossoms"
Kobayashi Issa, 1789

If you haven't noticed it already, when you roll your mouse over the big pictures you can see what a difference three months can make.......(it may take a while to load, but wait for it, it'll be worth it)

Unfortunately, I've been a bit busy in the offline world. I'm sorry I haven't been able to visit you all more regularly. Not a lot of free time even to do offline stuff. I haven't had a chance to go hanami with Tu Anh, but let me go hanami with you on my blog, after all, you know what they say.... it's important to stop and smell the sakura once in a while.... BTW, they don't smell like anything, I tried it....
shônin wa bosatsu to mitaru sakura kana
"to saintly eyes
they are bodhisattvas...
cherry blossoms"
haru no hi ya mizu sae areba kure nokori
"the spring day’s
only in the water"
yozakura ya bijin ten kara kudaru tomo

"night's cherry blossoms
heavenly ladies
among us"

iro tori ya kigi ni mo hana no hojoe
"like colorful birds
set free in the trees…
ten kara demo futtaru yô ni sakura kana
"like they fell
from heaven...
cherry blossoms"
yûzakura ie aru hito wa toku kaeru
"evening cherry blossoms--
people with homes
hurry home"
moshi furaba amatsuotome zo hana kumori
"have celestial maidens
descended to earth?
blossom clouds"

hana saku ya dai gongen no kaze sadame
"cherry blossoms--
Buddha's karmic wind
awaits you"

Thanks for going hanami with me, Kamapai! I hope I can visit you all more regularly soon. In the meantime, Happy Birthday Ate Mae, and Kim, and a Happy Victoria Day/May 2-4 long weekend to everybody! Dust off those BBQ's, open up those cottages, start planting those tomatoes. No more frosty nights, cabin fever, or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Summer is just around the corner. Hope you all enjoy it while it lasts.