Friday, October 23, 2009

Let Me Take You Down 'Cause I'm Going To...

Strawberry Fields 02Strawberry Fields 01
Strawberry Fields 04
so a couple of weeks ago, on Oct. 9th, it was John Lennon's birthday.... I made a pilgrimage to Strawberry Fields in Central Park, just steps away from The Dakota apartment building where he lived and was assassinated.... I went three times actually, before going the first time though, Soulmate took me to Shake Shack for burgers.... after she finished going all paparazzi on Matt Damon's ass there, we took our burgers to Strawberry Fields.... best burgers ever... with awesome burger-eating-music... here was our view while we ate, and a sneak peak of the birthday festivities....
Soulmate had to go home early, so I ended up coming back by myself and got up close and personal to the "Imagine" mosaic....
I just have two words to say.... AWE and SOME! enjoy....
sorry, camera was full so "In My Life" was cut off short :(

Later that evening, I went back with Trinidad and we stayed for over three hours, 'til almost 11 pm....
we got to sing along with most of our favorites, unfortunately no more space in my camera.... but luckily, Steve Baldwin aka brooklynparrot on youtube sent me a video response to my youtube videos.... I saw myself a couple of times in his video shot by his friend Juliet Hanlon.... I'm standing near the couple making out during "Starting Over".... enjoy....
Peace and Love y'all....DSC05695

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Monday, October 12, 2009

There is a Rose in Spanish Harlem

Soulmate's Garden 009i

I cannot possibly express in words the gratitude which resides in my cardiopulmonary system.... it not only resides in the circulatory pump by which I am ensanguinated, but resounds within the alveoli that oxygenates my being.... from within the depths of my gastrointestinal tract it churns.... and from within the marrow of my axial skeleton it longs to break out and radiate onto you....

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and so I will not even attempt to express this energy with inadequate utterances.... false prolixity.... impostors of what lies deep within myself!.... instead, I offer you these images of the ordinary which surround you, made extra ordinary by eyes which see the beauty and goodness of the extraordinarily ordinary things that you do.... and the goodly soul that you are.... you make my spirit defy the gravity of despair's primordial ooze and reach up to evolve to the light....
NY Summer 2009 048iSoulmate's Garden 005Soulmate's Garden 008NY Summer 2009 052i
shine on Soulmate!
NY Summer 2009 042i
I love ya,

Thanks as well to T and G.... HAPPY THANKSGIVING folks!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Scenes from Bryant Park

I am on a roll typing an essay about my life story.... feets don't fail me now! The ideas in my head flow in undulating waves of cerebral energy transferring from neuron to neuron down my arms into my fingers, ending up as words and sentences of such eloquent composition on my laptop screen.... out of nowhere comes some loud mouthed girl on her cell phone... she stands within earshot of me bragging to her friend about her awesome office and how they need to meet up for lunch or whatever... I wish you would SHUT UP!... my roll is halted and here I am instead on my blog....

Bryant Park (32)
thanks a lot loud mouthed girl (who at this point walks away)....

Yes, I'm blogging to you from a park.... okay, it's not just any park, it's Bryant Park....Bryant Park (40) right behind the New York Public Library main branch.... what did we ever do without free WiFi and wireless laptops? I don't remember those dark ages anymore, so don't ask.... when the library closes I come here to continue what I'm doing.... what kind of nerd f*@kery am I doing in the New York Public Library you ask?.... that's another blog....

back in the day Bryant Park was a mecca for drug deals and probably wasn't the safest place to be... today there's little kids on the carousel, people playing chess, pétanque, and ping pong, people on laptops, or people just lounging around on the lawn can even have your lunch here while a famous pianist plays for you.... oh and yes, there's an occasional person doing drugs....
Bryant Park (43)Bryant ParkBryant Park (44)Bryant Park (36)
on this particular night, there seems to be a bevy of hot girls in short skirts walking around... following one of them (don't worry, I'm not a stalker type or anything), I'm led to a big white tent that has consumed the entire lawn of the park.... it's some kind of fashion show.... which explains the bevy of hot girls I guess....
Bryant Park (47)Bryant Park

there are a lot of couples making out around me.... I read this on one of the lawn chairs....
Bryant Park (56)
stop encouraging them.... someone needs to engrave a lawn chair with "Get a room".... geez why so cynical Angelo?....

a couple approach the couple who were just making out, the asian girl's kinda cute.... I think they're trying to evangelize the fornicators... I have a quick and easy excuse in case they come to me... "I already love Jesus and I'm on a roll with my essay, so I'm sorry, but I don't have time".... luckily when they approach me, they see me typing furiously... from the corner of my eye, I watch them as they hesitate and walk away... phew! I dodged that evangelical bullet....

I buy a falafel and sit down to eat by the fountain....Bryant Park (49) the big white tent is gone by now.... in the distance there's a stage and the New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players sing from the score of the H.M.S. Pinafore.... rock on muther effers! man, I love New York....

I should not have been surprised to see a lot of smokers in a park.... but wait a second, that's not cigarette smoke I smell.... someone has to keep the druggie legacy of Bryant Park alive I guess.... gimme some o' dat you sons of bitches!.... I have to apologize, New York has turned me into a bit of a potty mouth.... which explains the uncontrollable urge to chew on a bar of soap whenever I'm in the shower....Bryant Park (30)

here is the Bargemusic Chamber Ensemble playing Vivaldi's "La Primavera" (Spring), first movement "Allegro"....
they're called Bargemusic because they actually play on a floating barge at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.... check them out if you're looking for chamber music played on water with the Manhattan skyline as the backdrop...

I think I'm pretty much done with my nerd-fest at the New York Public Library for now.... so for my last night in Bryant Park here is the Brooklyn Philharmonic playing a contemporary piece by Daniel Bernard Roumain titled String Quartet No. 5 Rosa Parks "I Made Up My Mind Not To Move"....
one last falafel in Bryant Park under a clear New York autumn night sky, with the Brooklyn Philharmonic playing in the background....Bryant Park (46) EFF, I love New York....

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

pour toi casmehre

Adieu, Bonbon, ma rose blonde,
Qui m'as aimé pendant six ans ;
Les plus courts plaisirs de ce monde
Souvent font les meilleurs amours.
Sais-je, au moment où je te quitte,
Où m'entraîne mon astre errant ?
Je m'en vais pourtant, ma petite,
Bien loin, bien vite,
Toujours courant.

Je pars, et sur ma lèvre ardente
Brûle encor ton dernier baiser.
Entre mes bras, chère imprudente,
Ton beau front vient de reposer.
Sens-tu mon coeur, comme il palpite ?
Le tien, comme il battait gaiement !
Je m'en vais pourtant, ma petite,
Bien loin, bien vite,
Toujours t'aimant.

Que de tristesse, et que de charmes,
Tendre enfant, dans tes doux adieux !
Tout m'enivre, jusqu'à tes larmes,
Lorsque ton coeur est dans tes yeux.
A vivre ton regard m'invite ;
Il me consolerait mourant.
Je m'en vais pourtant, ma petite,
Bien loin, bien vite,
Tout en pleurant.

Que notre amour, si tu m'oublies,
Bonbon, dure encore un moment ;
Comme un bouquet de fleurs pâlies,
Cache-le dans ton sein charmant !
Adieu ; le bonheur reste au gîte,
Le souvenir part avec moi :
Je l'emporterai, ma petite,
Bien loin, bien vite,
Toujours à toi.

de "Adieux à Suzon"
par Alfred de Musset


le surmoi connais que c'est la vrai chemin.... mais la vérité est cela: je ne veux pas te laisser partir.... reprend là où nous nous sommes quittés!.... comme c'était hier.... hier de six ans.... je ne sais pas ce que je dois faire.... dites-moi peut-être?... ou peut-être, ne moi dites pas.... parce que je connais ce que vous direz.... adieu?