Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Where have you been all my life? "Brampton" she responded...

CONFLUENTS As rivers seek the sea. Much more deep than they, So my soul seeks thee Far away: As running rivers moan On their course alone, So I moan Left alone. As the delicate rose To the sun’s sweet strength Doth himself unclose, Breadth and length; So spreads my heart to thee Unveiled utterly. I to thee Utterly. As morning dew exhales Sunwards pure and free, So my spirit fails After thee: As dew leaves not a trace On the green earth’s face; I, no trace On thy face. Its goal the river knows, Dewdrops find a way, Sunlight cheers the rose In his day: Shall I, lone sorrow past, Find thee at the last? Sorrow past, Thee at last? ~ C. Rossetti

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