Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Spiritual Laundry Day

I finally made time to go to confession today. I hadn't gone in a long while and I felt I needed to reconcile myself. For several months I've felt disconnected and somewhat lost, my direction was all off, I was spread thinly over a crumbling cracker. Things may have been getting better somewhat, but something was missing....I needed to start over....What surprised me was the long line of people actually waiting to admit all the bad things they've done. I thought everybody stayed away from confession.....I know that when I was younger, I was traumatized as an old priest grilled me on exactly how many times I committed each sin I confessed, and came out more embarassed than renewed......well I still get palpitations waiting in line to the confessional, but thank God the confessors I encounter today have been fellow human beings who understand what it's like to be imperfect and constantly falling of the wagon....needless to say I came out today feeling renewed, Jesus refreshed and ready to get back on that wagon again. PEACE OUT!

fix your eyes on Him for a just a minute, even when your eyes are closed His image will be within you

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