Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Murder in University College

I used to have a class in the building known as University College (UC) at U of T ......... Uc_5it was a physics tutorial if I recall correctly.....scary...... ya, the physics part, and the fact that this building is haunted by a ghost....Ucarches Here's the ghastly tale in honour of All Hallow's Eve: His name was Ivan Reznikoff, a sculptor who worked on the construction of UC....Ivan was saving up his money so he could marry his long-time girlfriend. Unbeknownst to him, she was having an affair with another sculptor, Paul Diabolos.....they say that if you study the gargoyles on UC you'll find a smirking Diabolos accross from a cuckolded-looking Reznikoff somewhere on the building....Diabolos convinced the girlfriend to steal Reznikoff's money and run away with him. Needless to say Reznikoff Dragon_edited was pissed when he learned the truth.....a fight ensued and if you look carefully, even after more than a hundred years, you can still find the mark of an axe swung against a door during the melee....Ucdoor in the end Reznikoff is killed by Diabolos who buries his body under the stairwell, only to be found many years later after the fire of 1890...he was identified by the initials on his belt buckle. They say he likes to appear on the road near the front entrance, and his appearances indicate an impending disaster.....legend also says that his ghost will not rest until the "language of Greece ceases to show its face upon the college calendar" (Diabolos was Greek).....Greek is still taught at the University of Toronto.....

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