Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Toronto Islands

A friend of mine recently paid a surprise and covert visit to Toronto while on a secret mission. So being the devoted Torontophile and eager tour-guide, I happily showed said friend around. I derive much pleasure living vicariously through first time visitors to what has become commonplace to me, I always learn something and/or appreciate something new about my environs. This gave me an opportunity to visit with another old friend of mine.......... The Toronto Islands ............... As a child I knew the Toronto Islands only as "Center Island", a place we would go to for picnics, log flume rides, cable car rides and petting zoos when my cousins from Jersey would come fact "Center Island" is just one of the handful of small islands making up the "Toronto Islands", it's where the kid's stuff can be I grew older I gained a new appreciation for this collection of small islands just a stones throw from the city's lakeshore....The Native Peoples considered them a place of leisure and relaxation, and today that spirit has been preserved.....They are a NOT so central, “Central Park” for Torontonians….physically separated from the downtown core by Lake Ontario, the islands offer a nearby getaway spot, with bed and breakfasts, a nude beach, and hectares of parkland....Unfortunately, the fall weather has not been co-operating lately, so we couldn't really do so much exploring…..I guess all those record-breaking 30 plus degree days gave a false sense that the Earth's axis had shifted and that this part of the world was actually now in the tropics….But I guess the evidence in mounting, summer really is over, and the great hibernation is beginning.... have to wait another year to search for that nude beach I guess?

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