Saturday, September 30, 2006

totus tuus ego sum Domine

my exams took me to Hamilton today...... I am so tired but I can't fall asleep..... I've been up for almost 20 hrs now but sleep still illudes me..... I had never been so nervous for an exam in my entire life...... it was a 7 hour ordeal..... the actual exam was only 2.5 hrs, with one hour orientation before...... but the rest of the 3.5 hours was spent in sequestration, until the 2nd group of examinees was finished and the 3rd group safely behind the secure exam area..... talk about security...... this was to prevent us from discussing the cases with them..... I decided to stop by the Hamilton cathedral (Christ the King) before the drowsy drive back home...... all is in the hands of the Master now..... in manus tui, Domine......

1 Ad te, Domine, clamabo; Deus meus, ne sileas a me:
nequando taceas a me, et assimilabor descendentibus in lacum.

THIS STORY IS CONTINUED HERE: totus tuus ego sum Domine Part II


Sdit. said...

Sounds like a painful and stressful experience!

Actually down here the Usmle's(med boards) are a good 8 hour exam and that's the actual length of the exam!!
My Rx for these exams....lots of gatorade, red bull, and power crunch bars!!

Good luck with the results!!!!

Shoshana said...

Wow, that sounds like it's an ordeal alright.

This is an impressive building.

ghee said...

uh oh..20 hrs w/o sleeping..

so thats it,the brutal exam.
I`ll pray for a good result,Angelo.
I know you can make it coz you work so hard :)

hey,thats a nice church out there.

You need a break,dont be stuffy now and loosen up a bit :)

Good luck,Angelo!

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Thanks Sdit.... I'm actually preparing for the usmle version of this exam (Step 2CS).... hope to take it in November..... then Step 1 in Feb.... and Step 2CK sometime after that.... wish me luck for those too!.... thanks for the Rx, I'll try that.... any untoward S/E?

Hi again Shoshana....ya tell me about it.... I'm cool now though.... not gonna think about it anymore :)

Hi Ghee..... thank you, as I was saying to sdit, my exams are not over yet though, please don't stop praying for me ;) But i'm going to take it easier a bit now when I study..... I'll pace myself better so I don't get too stressed.... Ingat Ghee :)

Rethabile said...

Good luck to you, too, for your exam results you're waiting for. And get some blessed sleep, for Christ's sake.

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Hey thanks :)

ika said...

it was valid the comentario, beautiful photos, forgives the missed English, does not know its speaks, but one I hug… ika

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Hi Ika! thanks so much for leaving a message even though you were not sure about your English :) I'm impressed! Thank you, merci, salamat, muchas gracias, danke, xie xie, domo arigato gozaimasu, MUITO OBRIGADO!