Saturday, April 14, 2007


This week's photohunt theme inspired me to go out and do some star gazing, a favourite hobby of mine....

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It's been a while since I've had a chance to go out since I've been busy studying stuff other than the stars, plus there hasn't been anything too stellar (pardon the pun) happening up there lately, and finally, winter weather is definitely not star gazing weather. The telescope on the left was my first telescope, I just took it out to take the picture... I never use it anymore since I got spoiled with the telescope on the right. That one has a computer that tracks the Earth's rotation depending on where you are in the world... that way, it follows the movement of the sky, and you don't have to keep making adjustments like you do with the manual telescope.

The tiny little pinpoint in the sky is the planet Venus, it's easy to find as it is the brightest thing in the western sky. Here's a star chart if you'd like to orient yourself and look for it, but you can't miss it....Venus is interesting because it also has phases like the moon, so it may look like a regular "star" but if you look at it through a telescope there are times when it appears as a crescent or a "half moon".

The most amazing heavenly body, however, would have to be Saturn. Again, to the naked eye, it appears like a regular "star". But through a telescope you'll actually see its rings, and if you've got good eyesight, even some of Saturn's moons are visible. Even if you don't have a telescope, you can find Saturn in the southern sky in between Leo and Cancer. It looks like a yellowish star that does not twinkle..... (the star charts are from Toronto around 9PM tonight, but should be similar anywhere in the northern hemisphere)
One day I'm going to combine astronomy with my other favourite hobby... photography, then I could post my own pics of Saturn's rings for y'all and further combine it with another favourite hobby.... blogging!

Happy Photohunting Folks and keep looking up!



Jose said...

What an interesting and different hobby from what I have seen today in the photo hunters theme. I would not know the difference from one star to the next. All I know is that in Mexico we call those three stars that align together "The Three Wisemen".

Your picture is pretty impressive too, I like taking pictures that's one of my hobbies.

jmb said...

Interesting photo, Angelo.

My husband once built a telescope from an optical mirror and eye piece that he bought. The tube was cardboard and the stand he built out of wood, however it was adjustable. He was a chemistry professor so even though it looked very home made, it worked like a charm and we had it for years and my kids loved it.

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Thanks Jose! I think I know which ones you're talking about... I think you're referring to "Orion's belt", it's just the the left of Venus (right now anyways). Happy hunting!

Gattina said...

That is a very interesting hobby ! Amongst my friends and others I don't know anybody. I love to watch the stars especially in southern countries, like Egypt, Tunesia, Turkey, and Italy. Egypt is especially interesting because there are a lot of falling stars every night and the moon is not like over here, the "croissant" is not standing like here, but laying ! That looks very strange to our eyes ! A little boy told me "Look the moon sleeps over here" !

amy said...

What a great photo! Thanks for sharing that with us!

the philosphical bastard said...

this is cool. i'm linking.

Angelo de los Angeles said...

jmb: Thank you! I always wanted to try building my own telescope, but I'm too lazy :D Happy hunting and welcome to the hunt jmb!

Gattina: Cool, that's a poetic way to put it :) I'd love to see the moon from Egypt one day. Happy hunting!

Amy: Thanks Amy happy hunting!

the philosophical bastard: thanks!

superkimbo said...

Beautiful photo for a very cool hobby. I love the looking up at the night sky but have never actually had a telescope. We used to go to the Hayden Planetarium all the time when I was small - I wonder if they have one here in KL?


That is absolutely stunning! Ummmm, the stars on the Nile. Wow.

ghee said...

heyyyy,what a hobby!and you have your own telescopes??wow!that sounds romantic,star gazing!!the telescope on the left is computerized!whoahh!really cool!!

i`ll look forward to the pic of saturn,i wanna see the rings.ive exeprienced star gazing here only at school,and it was winter time!

nice hobbies,Angelo!taking pics,stargazing and blogging!!

this explain why you`re watching star wars tonight?LOL!

hey,try to get some sleep and feel refreshed tom.why not take some cold medicine and antihistamine again?do you feel okay now?

get well soon,Angelo!have a nice weekend!

GEWELS said...

This is awesome. Great photography and what a great hobby. I've been a stargaze since my Dad bought me my first telescope at 12. I did alwasy want to be an astronaut.
Mine's up.

pat said...

I love the photo!! And thanks for the great information about star gazing!

Happy Weekend!

srp said...

This is a stunning picture of your two telescopes. We have a pretty good manual scope... I guess technically it is Nyssa's, but she has shifted her interest to Geology and taken it for her college major. I would imagine you WOULD love the one that helped find the star or planet you wanted to view.

There is a site I like to visit... just to see about auroras, coronal holes and sunspots. They have a section on photographs of space and weather phenomenon as well as pictures of the auroras.

Thanks for stopping by.

Dragonheart said...

Very cool! Wonderful photo. :) Astronomy is a very cool hobby. When my mom was younger she used to be interested in astronomy. She received her astronomer's badge in Girl Guides and took an astronomy course in university.

Thanks for visiting. :) Say "hi" to Nermal for me. :)

Patricia said...

What a great post!!! I love the photo and the astronomy lesson! Now I am really jealous. I want a telescope, too! =) Thanks so much for stopping by Pollywog Creek. I hope you have a great weekend.

Shoshana said...

That is a fun hobby. It's fun to be out, in the dark, quiet and all that. We have a telescope, it's gathering dust in the corner...I guess I'll give it a go to see which of my children will pick up the hobby.

Smalltown RN said...

now that is a great hubby has a great telescope and where we live on a clear night the stars and constellations are amazing....I've always been interested in the stars...

thank you so much for sharing....

The Meezer Gang said...

That first picture is a really neat photo! There is a red star that keeps appearing on our ceiling from time to time, and we try to catch it, but to no avail!

Daisy said...

That picture of the telescopes and stars is so beautiful! Such a great hobby too. I would love to see the rings of Saturn.

sasha said...

What a hobby! I wish I can understand that stuff as well. All I know is that it is fun to gaze at the stars at night :)

Star light, star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may
I wish I might
Make my wish come true tonight

Tama ba?

Happy weekend, Angelo! :)

RobK said...

Very nice shot!

Angelika said...

Great hobby!

I used to try and take pictures of the moon/sky but I finally gave up because the moon always looked like a little pinhead instead of the massive thing I saw when I was taking the pic.

meeyauw said...

First of all, the photo you took of the two telescopes is simply outstanding. Second, I want you to start your astrophotography now: I'm waiting to see that blog!!

PastorMac's Ann said...

Wonderful picture for The Hunt this week. I think that your hobby must be fascinating. I would love to spend time having someone like you teach me about star gazing. I think must be a fun way to learn.

Can't wait to see the results of your combining you hobbies!

tina said...

you are so blessed!!! you have a telescope.. meron bang gnyan dito sa pinas? hehehhee :P sana my parents will buy one day... one day...

you get to see saturn's ringss?/? wow..

Patti said...

Angelo, I can't wit to see posts of your star-gazing pictures!

ghee said...

wowww!this chart is very helpful,Angelo!but honestly,for an ignorant like me,i cant understand all of them. :)wish im smart as you :)

enjoy your night and get some sleep,okay?

Toe said...

That is a very cool hobby. And very cool telescopes too. When you live in the city so long, you forget that there are stars. That's why I like going to the provinces and to the beach. If you go to the islands in the Philippines where there is no electricity (like some islands in Palawan), the sky looks like a planetarium. It seems as if the stars are complete and you could actually see the entire dome of the sky.

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Superkimbo: Planetariums are great. I hope you can find one in KL. Unfortunately they closed the one here in Toronto, what a waste.

Amazing Gracie: Thanks :)

Ghee: Thanks Ghee, I'm gonna take your advice for the next few nights.... hopefully I can get to a better sleep schedule. I hope to be able to take pics with my telescope soon... it's a bit of an expensive hobby, and I don't have the time or money to devote to it right now, but hopefully one day :) Take care driving!

Gewels: It's a fun hobby isn't it... keep looking up :)

Pat: Thanks Pat, have a great week ahead!

srp: Thanks! Ya, I actually visit a lot, also for the auroras... I have yet to see them here in Toronto, although a few years ago they did appear here. Good luck!

Dragonheart: That's great for you mom! That's very cool, I also took Astronomy in university :) Nermal says hi right back at ya!

Patricia: thanks as well! You should get yourself one, it's easy and lotsa fun.

Shoshana: You should definitely dust it off, I'm sure the kids would enjoy it :)

SmalltownRN: thanks and your welcome. I wish I lived in a smalltown, that way there wouldn't be so much light pollution. The skies must be spectacular where you are!

The Meezer Gang: Thank you! I hope you catch that red star one day, good luck :)

Daisy: Thanks Daisy, Nermal says hello :)

Sasha: You said it! I remember how beautiful the sky was in Baguio, and out in the provinces. Wish it was like that here, I would be in heaven. thanks for the rhyme, I forgot about that one :)

RobK: Thanks!

Angelika: Ya it's hard eh? Pictures just don't do it justice :)

Meeyauw: Thanks lol, I wish I had the money and time to devote to this expensive hobby! When I win the lottery I'll be sure to buy the necessary equipment :)

Pastormac's Ann: Thanks Ann, it is a very interesting hobby. And it's very easy to learn, I hope now that the weather is getting warmer, you'll be able to get out there and enjoy the stars. Learning and finding the constellations is a great start!

Tina: I'm sure meron sa pinas! The sky over Davao must be stunning, especially when you go out of the city. Ask your parents for one, I first saw Saturn's rings through my cheap little manual telescope. It was nevertheless amazing :)

Patti: I wish I could start that hobby now, but it'll have to wait for when time and money allows for it :)

Ghee: Ghee! It just looks more complicated than it actually is. If you want I can send you some star charts for Tokyo. It's easy and fun when you find them in real life :)

Toe: Oh I can just imagine how brilliant the sky over Palawan must be. I remember in Baguio, you could actually see the Milky Way. Unfortunately there's too much light pollution in my area now... they built a mega shopping center nearby, and the sky has never been the same since.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Angelo. Thanks for visiting my photo hunt. Sorry I've been out this weekend and wasn't able to visit you sooner.

Thanks for sharing your interesting hobby. I think astronomy is very fascinating. I've never seen the night sky using a powerful telescope. I'm sure there are many great things that could be unraveled. I love star gazing. It's so peaceful just looking at all the stars.

Thanks for sharing.

Gina said...

Do we have "neighbors" out there???? The 'great beyond' simply fascinates me no end. This is one passion & interest that Tony & I share. Would love to have a high-tech telescope like yours some day and have a closer & much better look of the stars & planets. That would really be something...

liz said...

hello angelo! i loved the pic with the two telescopes and one dot of a star. i guess what i'm trying to say is, keep it up! blogging, photography and stargazing are hobbies that go so well together, i just realized. ^_^

Leah said...

What a great hobby. My hubby is into astronomy as well. I want to get him a telescope like that. Was it expensive? Is there a store you'd recommend?

MeL said...

Wow! So you're into astronomy and photography. That's cool! I don't know much about stars but I love gazing at them at night esp when I'm at the beach. Then, I'll just wait for a shooting star and make a wish.

Back in my elementary days, we went to Planetarium in QC and in HS, they put up what they call the 'StarLab' (it's an igloo-like tent).

I find your hobbies sooo interesting. Too bad I don't own a telescope and I'm not familiar with the star chart here in the Phils.

iskoo said...

Kupet ng hobby mo. interested din ako sa ganyan pero sobrand mahal ng ganyang hobby. makikitingin at makikibalita nalang ako sa blog mo, hehe

Barbara H. said...

I am running late visiting photo hunters, as you can see. :) We had a super-busy weekend and I am still catching up.

My husband loves astronomy, too, and has a telescope he likes to take out when it's clear or when there is something in particular going on.

izman said...

Star Gazing is a very interesting hobby. Its great hobby for you my friendz.

You blog is great and no wonder you have lot of visitors. congratulations.

I will make a story on star gazing next time in my blog