Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back to the Falls

After driving by Niagara Falls on my way home from West Virginia last week, I realized that I still had not taken my friend Chuck to see them.... she had moved to Toronto from the Philippines over the summer and I had promised to take her.... unfortunately, I've been a bit toxic with my life in general that my promise remained unfulfilled, until today.....

Niagara Falls With Chuck 006i
Let's start our tour with the Rainbow Bridge to the United States....
Niagara Falls With Chuck 018i
here's the American Falls.....Niagara Falls With Chuck 012i
the Canadian Horseshoe Falls from a distance.....getting closer to the Canadian Falls....even closer....Whoaw, too close....Niagara Falls With Chuck 033i
now isn't this better than some drive-by shot?....
this is why they call it the Rainbow Bridge....Niagara Falls With Chuck 032iWhew, after all that walking, we deserved a big lunch with a great view at the Fallsview Casino....Niagara Falls With Chuck 053i
after lunch, Chuck hit it big at the slot machines.... no cameras allowed.... oh well... that's all for now folks, good night from Niagara Falls Canada....Niagara Falls With Chuck 067i
the Falls lit up at night....Niagara Falls With Chuck 080i
y'all let me know if you're coming to the Greater Toronto Area, I can take you on a less virtual tour of the Falls.... Cheers for now!
WHERE IS THIS?: check on my map


Gina said...

Great shots ( as usual)!

Angelo said...

Gina: Thanks as always Gina :)

MeL said...

Wow! You took those breath-taking pictures well. Gusto ko rin pumunta dyan. Hmm, they call it Rainbow Bridge because parating may rainbow, right? haha. I wonder if there's a pot of gold, too!

Btw, we're going to trek in Mt Pinatubo on the 28th. I hope we'll be able to reach the top so I can get a great shot of its crater. And, of course, I'll show it to you. :D

Have a great day/good night, Kuya Angelo. :D

Angelo said...

Mel: Thanks Mel, just let me know when you are in town. You got it! There's always a rainbow.... I'd be kinda scared to look for the pot of gold, the water will either freeze you or crush you :)

Oh, I can't wait to see your pics of Mt. Pinatubo!

haze said...

Wow IMPRESSIONNANT !!! I wish to really see this one for real. Talaga bang mababasa ka dyan ???

Nice series Angelo ;) !

ghee said...

spectacular! :D and so on and so forth...

I cant take my eyes off them!you and your friend,Chuck are so lucky to view them!

I so luv the view,and the last picture taken at night is a breathtaking one.

you mean rainbow shows up anytime at rainbow bridge?wow!have you known that there is also a rainbow bridge in tokyo,Angelo?there`s no real rainbow out there but the lights are so beautiful. :)

good that you had a great bonding with your friend. :)

ghee said...

and oh,how was the casino btw?i only have "one-time" casino experience in cebu city,haha.

is nermal good?im sure he did miss you so much!!

hugs to both of you and have a nice weekend ahead. :)


Angelo said...

Haze: Salut Haze! Oui immpressionant indeed, no matter how many times I see the place, I'm always still at awe of them. If you and the family come here just let me know :) Oh and yes you'll get wet near the Canadian Falls especially if you go on the boat or in the tunnels at the bottom of the Falls.

Ghee: Thanks Ghee, ya there's always a rainbow at the Falls, at least everytime I've ever been there's always one? The Casino is okay, it's no Las Vegas or Atlantic City though :) We only have 2 of them on the Canadian side. Have a great weekend too Ghee, Nermal says Meeooow!