Saturday, January 01, 2011

World Peace is Imminent!

before new years eve 2010, I visited the wishing wall in Times Square and made the following wishes:

Times Square New Years 2010 004
at the time, I really had no faith that any of them would come true.... but by the grace of the cosmic forces of the Universe, I am #1) living in New York, and #2) have bought the Candy shop.... #3 on the other hand is going to need some extra prompting, so this year my only wish is for:
a very Happy New Year to everyone.... all the best in 2011....



Gina said...

Here's to world peace!!!!! Happy New Year !

Mr. Chan said...

wow, WORLD PEACE! parang miss universe lang Angelo! haha ANyway, wish yan ng karamihan :)

Happy New Year! Hope to see your candy shop! lol

Puss-in-Boots said...

A happy and blessed 2011 to you, Angelo. I echo your wishe for world peace...wouldn't it be wonderful.

Candy really bought one? or just all the candy in!

Puss-in-Boots said...

You're married! Congratulations to both of you, Angelo, and I hope you will be very happy together. Maui Beach and the sunset...just lovely and Candy's bouquet picks up nature's colours beautifully. I'm so happy for you, Angelo.


tina said...

candyyy shoppp? you have a candy shop? hehehe.

anyway... world peace is here now. happening in every peaceful heart! more and more people are feeling that! ;)

have a peaceful .. bountiful new yearrr!!

haze said...

Félicitations Doc ! Cheers to new life and to a long lasting blissful marital with your wife :)! For world peace as everything good starts from there. Nice photos.