Friday, May 20, 2005

I was a Godfather at 13?!

My Goddaughter Kim celebrated her 18th birthday this May 19, 2005. It re-enforced to me the time old adage that "time flies", and reminded me of myKim_debut age.....sunrise..... sunset....sunrise....sunset.....etc.... Her debut was a beautiful event, Fernwood Gardens is stunning, it's one of those hidden gems that Metro Manila is full of....if you know where to look. In the middle of the chaos of a Q.C. subdivision, after maneuvering through what seems like a maze of narrow, busy streets, you'll find this oasis. And despite the heat of a Philippine May evening, it is a perfect venue for such a special occasion. It was an opportunity to reunite with my family in the Philippines who I had not seen in two years. The trip to the Philippines was mainly to attend Kim's debut, to Kimdance_1stand in for her dad who was still in Japan. I didn't realize how many speeches I had to make though! Thank God for all those impromtu speech lessons in grade school! Right before my eyes, a little girl I used to remember has grown up into a lovely young lady... during the party I couldn't help but catch the scent of young love in the air...uuyyy...but geez do I ever feel old.

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