Thursday, July 21, 2005



Living overseas for several years gave me a new appreciation for home. When I came back to Toronto after almost 6 years in the Philippines, things seemed comfortingly familiar, but at the same time strangley new. I felt like I had missed out on so many new developments, politically, socially, infrastructuraly (is that a word?). I remember driving down the usual country roads near my house only to find that the corn fields and grazing cattle had been replaced by subdivisions and business parks. And the downtown skyline, which I used to have memorized, was dotted by numerous unfamiliar edifices, almost blocking the once prominent view of the skydome. Feeling out of the loop in my own home inspired me to go and re-discover the great city that is Toronto.....I suppose its usually the case that the locals of a city are the ones most likely to not visit the landmarks of their own city....But aside from the interesting architecture to behold, I discovered so much more going on. Here's what's going on in July and August. The Harbourfront in particular has a lot to offer.....Enjoy and don't forget to explore your own backyard.

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