Thursday, July 21, 2005

July 20, 1969 Man Lands on the Moon

Full_moon Tomorrow there's a full mother always said to watch out for me when there's a full moon:

The Moon is associated with emotions, intuition, imagination, empathy and nurturing, and also with upheaval, fluctuations and changeability. It is most closely associated with Cancer.

The intermittent effect of the Moon on the mind has been acknowledged over time and gave rise to the word 'lunacy' to describe its more extreme effects.

The Moon and Cancer: Zodiaccancer_1The Moon, Cancer's ruling planet, is the strongest influence, particularly heightening the proclivity to be self-protective, which can work against intimacy. The Light Moon's influence strengthens the nurturing instincts of Cancerians and this influence can extend to increase sensuality and passion and encourage more self-revelation. The changing Moon is associated with fluctuations and upheaval and may add to the Cancerian tendency to employ catastrophic thinking. The influence of the Dark Moon is strongest with the new moon and can be particularly unsettling for Cancerians.

The Moon and Leo: ZodiacleoThe Light Moon can heighten Leo's innate enthusiasm and the expression of positive energies, especially in the areas of leadership and organization and ardent sexual drive. However, the Moon is also associated with fluctuations and emotionality and during a period of insecurity, it may help spark the expression of negative energies in displays of a dogmatic mindset or arrogance. The Dark Moon's influence is strongest when the Moon is on the same side of the Earth as the Sun. This is a potent combination for the sun driven Leo, and Leo will need to guard against inappropriate self-expression.

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