Saturday, November 04, 2006

At Par with Developmental Milestones

Wow a year has already gone by since my nephew/godson Aiden was born. According to the old adage, "they grow up so fast".... tru dat.... it has been a privilege to observe his development over the past year, so in honour of Aiden hitting the big 0-1... let's discuss developmental milestones in pediatrics:

By 6 weeks:
lifts chin intermittently when prone (gross motor development)
social smile (adaptive and social development)

By 2 months:
arms extended forward when prone (gross motor development)
pulls at clothes (fine motor development)
coos (speech and language development)
By 4 months:
lifts head and chest in prone position (gross motor development)
rolls over front to back (gross motor development)
no head lag (gross motor development)
reach and grasp (fine motor development)
objects to mouth (fine motor development)
responds to voice (speech and language development)
By 6 months:
weight on hands when prone (gross motor development)
tripod sit (gross motor development)
rolls over back to front (gross motor development)
ulnar grasp (fine motor development)
begins to babble (speech and language development)
responds to name (speech and language development)
stranger anxiety (social and adaptive development)
By 9 months:
pulls to stand (gross motor development)
sits alone back straight (gross motor development)
creeps/crawls (gross motor)
"walks" with hands held (gross motor)
finger thumb grasp (fine motor development)
"mama" "dada" (speech and language)
imitates 1 word (speech and language)
plays games (social and adaptive)
separation anxiety (social and adaptive)By 12 months:
walks with support, "cruises" (gross motor development)
pincer grasp (fine motor development)
throws (fine motor development)
one or more words (speech and language)
plays peek-a-boo (social and adaptive)
drinks from cup (social and adaptive)By 15 months:
walks without support (gross motor development)
draws a line (fine motor development)
uses jargon (speech and language)
points to needs (social and adaptive)

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ghee said...

what a nice uncle and Godfather you are,Angelo.. :)

I am fascinated on how you posted his growth and development.I`m sure you re gonna be a good father someday :D

He is so cute..I like his eyes.
Happy Birthday to your nephew!!
Kisses for him!muahhhh!

ghee said...

Hey,thanx for the link!!
your tita looks cool in her blue wig :)and that scary pic is cute!!

well,look at those beautiful children!!wow!! They rock huh??

Thanx for showing!! :P

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Thanks Ghee! glad to be blogging again....

Leah said...

Its amazing how they change so much right?

I remember all these milestones with my daughter. Actually I always consulted my book which listed same things you posted to see if she was on track.

Aiden is lucky to have a cool Ninong like you. Happy birthday to him.

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Thanks Leah :) It's so amazing to watch as they pick up new skills on their own isn't it? and it happens so fast we should enjoy it while it last....

ghee said...

Hello Angelo!Its always a pleasure to see you in my blog :)

You`ve said you`re a hermit?
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I think it suits you so well,from the beginning up to the end :)

" the Hermit represents a wise, inspirational person, friend, teacher, therapist, ..."

I agree :)

happy friday,Angelo! ^_^

Cat said...

Gosh~you two are so handsome that it hard to say who I like best. :P
Well, you lips are really cute.
...murmured by a crazy cat

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Wow thanks for that Ghee!!! I don't really believe in stuff like that usually, but at this point in my life, it fits so well.... eeeerie....

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Hey Cat! Aiden and I thank you kindly :)

Tigersan said...

Boy... at 15 months this little one already has me beat in all areas ;)

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Hey Tigersan, he's actually only 12 months, but he can do a lot of the 15 month old milestones already.... but he definitely doesn't have you beat at popsicle eating!