Sunday, November 19, 2006

Santa Claus Comes to Town

The annual Santa Claus Parade came to town today. The last time I braved the cold and went, I think I was still only 3 feet tall..... well, 3 feet taller later, and the century old tradition still puts a smile on my face. I'm not feeling the bah humbug that I felt last year around this time.... in fact, I was happy to hear the Christmas music starting up on the radio already.... hence the sudden desire to go to the parade after the decades long hiatus.

So here are some pics from the parade, to get us into the Christmas spirit.... or is it the spirit of commercialism? You decide:
I hate clowns, they scare me.... here's one bonking kids on the head....Here are clown walking on their hands.....
Got milk?.....O Canada....
Here comes Santa Claus....Well, I guess it's officially Christmas time in the city....I need a haircut.



Leah said...

Hey, I am going to post my Santa Claus Parade photos as well (in Oshawa though). Its nice that you had a chance to see the parade this year...we were there last year. Last nite, we opted watching the whole thing on TV.

Good to hear you are feeling the Christmas spirit already. Cheers!

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Hi Leah, thanks for the link! Look forward to seeing pics from the Oshawa parade :) Christmas cheers to you too :)

ghee said...

great lovely pics,Angelo!

I`m glad that the hermit got out of his shelf and had some fun :)

I always fancy the xmas season in other countries,not here in Japan.
Recently,theyve been decorating the malls for business purpose.Just what you`ve said:was it the xmas spirit or the spirit of commercialism.I could say both,in your country :)

You really had a lovely weather this year compared to last year,wasnt it good?

Its good to see you and Tu Anh again. :)

Have a lovely week ahead,Angelo!

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Hey Ghee, great to see you again :) I hope you catch the Christmas spirit soon despite the lack of festivities in Japan.... anyways, the Christmas spirit comes from within and should not be dependent on external decorations and flashing lights.... rather, the decorations and lights should be a reflection of your inner joy for the "reason for the season".... wow, I feel like putting up some lights on the house now :) Hope you'll show Japan how to really celebrate Christmas this year hehe...

as for the weather, it's getting pretty nippy now, but no snow storms yet :)

Hope you're feeling much better, have a great and healthy week ahead:)

Toe said...

Oh, I'm so jealous. They don't know what's Christmas here in Cambodia! The parade looks so much fun. Wow... you're tall!

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Hey Toe, I guess they're mostly Buddhist in Cambodia? They must have their own festivals I guess, like that big water festival you blogged about. But I guess for Christmas people, Christmas is Christmas. I hope you brought a parol with you, but I'm sure you'll make a great Cambodian Christmas :) Cheers! Next time you're in Toronto in November Santa will be looking for you in the crowd!