Tuesday, June 26, 2007

7 Radom Things About Nermal

Nermal and I have missed playing with all his kitty friends on Tuesdays! I was really busy with offline studying, I don't know what Nermal's excuse is.... I'm not done with my studying, but we have a little bit more time to play right now. We'd like to start off with a quick tribute to our good friend Oscar, purrs and nudges to him in kitty heaven, we'll miss you.... purrs and nudges to his human Robyn too....

Gattina gave us an assignment some time ago, and we've been meaning to complete it for the longest time, so finally, here are 7 random things about Nermal:

  1. He's the best alarm clock.
  2. He used to hump people's legs when they were sleeping....that's before he got fixed.
  3. He likes chicken and tuna, sometimes salmon, but never trout, go figure?
  4. I think he has arthritis.
  5. He's always curious what I'm eating or drinking. He'll always beg for some and only quits when I let him see, smell or taste what I'm having.
  6. It takes about 5 to 6 months for his hair to grow back after a haircut.
  7. I just shaved the hair around his butt. I think it's time for another haircut Nermal.
We don't have 7 kitty friends to tag, but maybe I could tag nos amis Laurence et son joli chat Harissa.
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Gattina said...

Better late then not at all lol ! Welcome back ! it's good to interrupt studies from time to time, otherwise you get a smoking head ! We always have to take Kim to the vet to get shaved, she would never let us touch her butt or belly. We can brush her everywhere but not there so once a year she has to get rid of all the knots.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Angelo and Nermal...Thank you so much for your good wishes, purrs and head butts. It's folks like you and my other blogger friends who have given me such comfort over Oscar's passing.

I love the seven random things about Nermal...but humping people's legs??? I thought that was a dog thing. I've never heard of a cat doing that...but I guess there's a first time for everything.

All the best with your studies, Angelo and a big hug to Nermal.

BeeHappy Laurence said...

From Harissa : Rrrrrr, I love Nermal ! :-)

MeL said...

Cutie Nermal!! :) I was entertained by Nermal's random facts.

tina said...

wow nice to know more about Nermal here.. :P hihi