Monday, June 04, 2007

Long Time No See

I'm really sorry for just dropping off the face of the blogosphere, but with a little over a month to finish memorizing all of this....going on my blog, and on the internet in general for anything longer than 5 mins, elicited feelings of dread and impending doom. I tend to get caught up and lose track of time when I'm on here, and I couldn't afford to use any time unless it was for cramming information into my head. As a result, my brain now feels swollen, my neck muscles have stiffened into a permanent book reading position, and my vision seems a little blurrier. Oh well, it needed to be done if I was going to be prepared for the 8 hour, 350 question ordeal I endured yesterday. It was an exercise in intellecutal diarrhea, or in a little less disgusting but equally gastrointestinal analogy; an excersise (I can't even spell properly now) in academic bulimia nervosa.... i.e. binging on all that information contained within those pages you see above, and then vomitting it all out on test day.

As a result of my hiatus, my blog assignments have been piling up! So today I'd like to get caught up on a number of tags that I've been meaning to respond to...

First Mel's tag, which was way back in April! Sorry Mel....

1. What are the five blogs you visit when you open your computer?
>>> Mel's blog, Ghee's blog, Tina's blog, Sasha's blog, and my blog of course

2. What browsers do you use?
>>> Mozilla Firefox, I hate IE!

3. What are your top 3 favorite categories in your blog?
>>> Nermal, Travel, and Photography I guess?

4. Pretend that you’re a spammer. What comment will you leave on the blogs that you visit?
>>> hmmmm.... can't stand spammers but since most of the spam I delete from my comments moderation are plugs for other sites, I guess my spam comment would be something to the effect of "nice blog! visit me!"..... actually I don't delete those comments, just the ones that lead to commercial sites...

5. Who are the 7 bloggers that you will tag?
>>> hmmm.... sorry I don't have anybody to tag.

Okay, now for Sasha's tag, sorry it's so late Sasha:

“DoFollow is the latest way to spread link love to your readers – those who deserve it because they have read your post and liked it enough to leave a relevant and meaningful comment. Their comments become links to their pages; links that are counted by Google spiders to improve their rank. ”

These are the instructions: (Start copying here.)

1. Write a short paragraph at the beginning of your post and link back to the blog that put you on the list in the paragraph. This isn’t a suggestion. You need to break up the duplicate content. Someone took the time to add you so the least you can do is give them an extra link back.

2. Copy the list of originals below COMPLETELY and add it to your blog. If you would like a different keyword for your blog then change it when you do your post and it should pass to most blogs with that keyword.

3. Take the adds from the blog that added you and place them in the “Originals” list.

4. Add at least 1 new blog that you KNOW is using the DO FOLLOW plugin to the list in the “My Adds” section. (Add no more than 5!) Let the people you’ve added know, so that they can keep the list going!

My Adds:



Neng aka Sirena
Ju aka The Border aka Juana of Femjo
Keep the Faith
Suncoast Scribe
Blogging Kenneth
My 2 Centavos Worth
Manila Mom
3 Dogs, 3 Pigs and A Family
Cafe Romanza
Earn Global
Credit Ability
Flee the Cube
Smart Wealthy Rich
Fellow Eskimo
Pajama Mommy
Meredith’s Weight Loss Blog
Pink Blog
Tricia’s Musings
Ugh!!’s Greymatter Honeypot
Midlife Musings
Utterly Geek
Whatever I Feel Like
My Dandelion Patch
Surviving NJ
Simple Kind Of Life
The Hockey Dad

Don't feel obliged to continue the tag ladies, unless you want to, just wanted to spread the link love to ya!

Finally, Meeyauw's tag, again, sorry it's late:

Here are the rules:
Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. (Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names.) Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

Here are my seven random facts
  1. I have allergic rhinitis.
  2. I'll eat almost anything, or at least try anything once.
  3. I love sushi.
  4. I can't eat dairy products.
  5. I drink way too much coffee.
  6. I just discovered that I love falafel.
  7. I love trees.
Okay! That's three assignments down I've got one more, but I'll save that for tomorrow coz it's about Nermal. I don't really have anybody else to tag, but everybody's free to pick up this tag if they were so inclined. I'm gonna go out and get some fresh air now, but I'll be back....



sasha said...

Welcome back, Angelo! It's good to have you back! :)

Whoa! That's a lot of memorizing you did! Glad it's all over. Goodluck on the results.

Have a great week ahead! And relax those (brain) muscles ;)

tina said...

long time nooo see!! na miss namin posts mo kuya! hehe. i figured it has something to do with studies. hehe:P

anyway grabe i memorize talaga yun? o_O wow im in the first 5 hehe. thanks... :)

nice to know you more about the tags! :P be blessed sa studiess!! pa hi nalang kay nermal! hehe

ghee said...

heyyy,welcome back,Angelo!!
goshhh,i couldnt imagine myself memorizing all those piles.its a relief that you`re done with its time for you to relax?thru blogging?

and wow,you did ur tags?before me,lol!

its really nice to see you again blogging,Angelo! i miss you :)
take care and have some fun :)

give my hugs to Nermal,btw.

Gina said...

Aha, Finally! Nice to have you back in the blogosphere Angelo. I hope you did well in the exams!

Leah said...

Hi Angelo,
Nice to see you back. Good that you were able to restrain yourself from blogging. It does take lots of your time. And your studies need more of that.

See you around then.

MeL said...

Hi Angelo! Glad to have you back! :) Thanks for doing the tag. LOL. You really mean it when you said you're gonna do it. Hope you did well on your exams. *fingers crossed* When will you know the results?

Take care. Hugs for Nermal. :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Good grief, Angelo! How did you manage to get through all's mind boggling (well, it's boggling my mind!).

Thank you so much for your kind comment regarding Oscar's demise. I have posted on the Kat's Cradle blog if you want to take a look.

It's good to have you and Nermal back...hugs for you both.

Shoshana said...

Welcome back Angelo. I bet you're relieved to have that ordeal over.

I bet MCAT is small potatoes compared to that. I remember getting really nervous about taking it. I don't think I have to memorize anything though. One of the proctors said something like, if you don't know it by now, you probably never would. What a sunny guy that was.

So...when do you see the results?

meeyauw said...

It is so great to have you back! It must feel good to have that test behind you; I remember my comprehensive exams and it weren''t no fun. You did a ton of blogging work too, I know after being tagged only twice.

Take a breath, relax, and enjoy spring!

Angie said...

Those stacks of pages gave me a little heart attack. It shot me right out of my self-pitting of having to study for my state exam in Exceptional Education (I passed, by the way).

Obsidian Kitten said...

yay! welcome back!
that's a beeeeg pile o'stuff. ugh. my brain would hurt too.

and i'm with ya--mozilla all the way. =)

*pats for nermal*

Gattina said...

I hope you will have time for Nermal's blogging for today (it's tuesday) it's such a long time I haven't heard from this poor cat !

ghee said...

really..long time no see Angelo! :)
ohayou!!how are you these days?true,I`m not MIA,too busy with my offline life lang :)

hope you can sleep well na,unlike before.

are you active blogging again?hope to see you around then. :)

Nermal,Tita Ghee is here to give you a hug..

take care,Angelo!!

Sue said...

I agree with this completely, thanks for the post.

haze said...

Back from hiatus ! And thank you for linking me ! Goodluck Angelo and I'm sure that all your efforts that you put into it will be fruitful ! Bon courage ;) !

Heart of Rachel said...

It's nice to have you back Angelo. Wow, that's quite a load of stuff there. Good luck and hope you'll have remarkable results.