Friday, December 28, 2007

Mississauga to Flushing in Nine Hours?

I drove down to New York City today. The drive was only supposed to take 7.5 hours... according to the GPS that is.... but because of frequent stops to pee and allow for reperfusion of my right gluteus maximus, plus the fact that I got side tracked after getting off the George Washington Bridge, it ended up taking me 9 hours to reach my friend's place in Flushing Queens. I've usually done the ride down to New York with my trusty and very hot navigator Tu Anh, but this time I did it solo. It was a pretty good ride all in all, no traffic, nice weather, no lines or hassles at the border. I thought I'd take you along with me on the ride, since I haven't been taking y'all anywhere on this much neglected blog in a very long time.... Hope you enjoy the scenery. I started my trip at 3AM on a full tank of gas.... I reached the US-Canada border at Lewiston New York in about 1.5 hours. As you can see, not a very long line....
3.5 hrs later: Here comes the sun.... Here comes the sun.... And I say..... It's alright.... Taking a washroom and strech break here....
Here are some icy cliffs....
Ended up stopping the picture taking at this point, city driving needs two hands.

Had to refill my gas tank with only an hour left to get to my destination. I got 676.5 Km on a full tank of gas though, the Mazda 3 gets pretty good mileage....
More pictures from New York to follow....



ghee said...

Happy New Year,Angelo!!!!

nice to see your update ;)im longing to see NY!do you know that there`s Time square in tokyo?i dont know why they named it one,it doesnt look like the original one in NY.

wow!9 hrs???what a trip!thanx for sharing the pics,i felt like i traveled with you,since you were solo at that time,hehe.

lucky you,there was no traffic.funny,i kinda smiled with your comment,yeah,right,they decorate for xmas but they were ignorant about its history.and the couples that spend their xmas at love hotels?haha!maybe one of the reasons why there are traffic near those places.well,its better than,i miss my new year`s eve in the phil last year!i miss the noise and the food!!

we`re back home now,so i have my internet connection already.we finished our dinner and really full at this moment,so i dont want to sleep yet.went to the temple already,it was small but at least i found familiar faces.

i wish you all the luck this year,Angelo!together with Nermal!good health and wealth,too!

hugs from japan,

Shoshana said...

Angelo, sounds like a fun trip...I'd have fallen asleep at some point for that long a drive, especially if it's night time.

I drove Dallas to LA in a day and a half...I had to stop at the rest stop and sleep 3 hours though.

Cyprus Property said...

That was a long drive. Great pictures. Happy New Year.

tina said...

Happy New Year!!

wow thanks for sharing this road trip to us!!! I wanna try that... hehe. one of these days.. i should! :)

Happy New Year to Nermal too ... :) i missed both of you!

ghee said...

Im here again,Angelo,but I guess you are still with your friends in NY.

Enjoy the holiday while it lasts.

I still have 4 days to relax,weeehhhh!Is Nermal with you btw?

Good health and wealth for your entire family!


Gina said...

Happy New Year Angelo! May 2008 be your best year yet!

Thanks for the scenic ride. I just love that one of the sun starting to peek out. HOpe you had your shades ready tho =)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Angelo! :)

That was a long drive. So far the longest trip I've ever been to (on road trip) was 4 hrs only. But I'd love to experience that. :) Did you bring Nermal along with you to NY?


haze said...

Happy New Year Angelo ! You must have been very tired after this long drive! Did you travel alone ? Co'z it's easy to travel with someone then you could help each other out on this long trip :D. Hope you were able to get rest. Anyway, all the best for this year 2008 and the years to come! Hello to Nermal ;)!