Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

....from New York.....Have a great National Hangover Day !



tina said...

Happy New Year uli! I like the 2008 shades... hehehe

mousey said...

happy new year angelo!

ghee said...

Nice 2008 eyeglasses,Angelo!
and wow!is that New York?cool!I wish i can go there someday,too!
its been a while since i saw your pic,Angelo.Nice that you share this one ;)mukhang "man" na man ang dating mo :D

you`re right,it looks so crowded out there huh?is it safe to hang around for a woman alone?well,i know its diff from tokyo,im just so curious.

im so worried about my site,i cant access it,maybe it is hacked??waaaahhhh..

anyways,enjoy lang talaga!refresh and make a lot of memories!

missing Nermal,

Mrs. Love Books said...

Happy 2008 Angelo!

Great shades you have there...I heard they closed Time Square?

sasha said...

Happy New Year, Angelo! I wish 2008 will bring you lots of blessings from above ;)