Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Baby, It's Cooold Outside

Nermal: I would like to dedicate this post to Tita Mel, who asked to see how I'm looking these days.... I would also like to give out a HOLLA to all my peeps, I misses y'all!

I couldn't be bothered to go out and watch the eclipse last Wed night.... I much rather cozy up to the fireplace and sleep.... you really can't blame me, I am after all, originally from the tropics of Malate.... we are waiting for another snowstorm to come our way this morning, hope you're all staying warm like me....



MeL said...

To Nermal:
Thanks for mentioning me in your post. I didn't expect you to be this super sweet! I am all smiles now. :)

To Angelo:
I love his shot here. He really looked comfy and LAZY by the fireplace. Makes me want to hug him tight. lol. You, guys, take care always. Keep yourselves warm and stay safe.

*kisses to both of you*

Puss-in-Boots said...

Prrrrrroww! Nermal, you are one handsome mancat! I'm a little embarrassed about the photo my mum took...I don't usually do things like that...she caught me at a bad moment.

Purrs and headbutts.


ellen b said...

This is a fabulous image! Hope things warm up for you soon...

Leah said...

Good for Nermal having all that coat to warm and cozy up on the coldest night of this winter season. Brrr! Heat up the fireplace !

ghee said...

wowww!!look at you,baby...you really look amazing and very luxurious in front of that fireplace!hope i can cuddle you,to share me warmth and comfort. :)stay warm,Nermal baby and I hope you and your daddy,Angelo would be fine in the stormy weather.

hugs hugs!

Midas said...

Nermal looks great and fluffy.

What do you mean there's an eclipse last night?

Cielo said...

cuddly and really cute,

Gina said...

You look quite cozy Nermal!
Must have grown all that fur for winter,eh?

Bella says HI!

tina @ angelblush said...

aww. all cozy and warm huh? :P cute... :P

ghee said...

Hi Angelo!

I am in the net cafe right now,hehe..cant help myself...i miss blogging so much.

so,have you done Tu Anh`s magmypic?wish to see them :)

take care,all of you out there,hope the weather si better now.
Happy Wednesday!!


margottt said...

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ghee said...

Hello Angelo,

Im here again :)
just wanna let you know how much I appreciate your time that you spent for the comments you left. :) even my paid posts are rejoicing to know that you were reading them!wow and wow uli! :)

im back in my old place today,its so warm here,unluckily,pollens are everywhere and I had no more Claritine(did i spell it right?) left.it was really a worse day for me.anyway,i can get them tomorrow so i will be better. :)

you have a beautiful weather na rin ba?

wishing you and Nermal a great week ahead!


Sasha said...

I was about to ask you now how Nermal's doing because last night I checked your Friendster account and was looking for new photos of Nermal. Nermal looks so comfy. Hi Nermal! Do you miss Malate? :)

Have a great week ahead!

My Own Utopia

acey said...

what a cute kitty! he looks sleepyyy. hehe.

Gina said...

This message is for my friend Nermal.

I've started a blog! Check it out here.


Take care.

Bella G.

ghee said...

I wonder how`s Nermal and his daddy Angelo doing? :)

I wish I have 36 hours/day to finish packing up...Im getting tired and bored already,LOL!

Hope you`re all doing great out there,Angelo!Enjoy the rest of your weekend and take care always!


haze said...

You have all the reason to stay beside Nermal and enjoy the cozy and wonderful chimney! PLEASE DON'T GET SICK , STAY WARM ! Now I am certainly rejuvenated and restored to health !

dodong flores said...

Bbrrr... Must be cold there still...