Sunday, March 23, 2008

Exultet! Haec nox est,
quae reddit innocentiam lapsis

A Happy Easter to all......
Joyeuses Pâques
Maligayang Pasko ng Pagkabuhay
Chúc Mừng Phục Sinh
Isuta Omedetou (For Ghee :D)



dodong flores said...

Hi, Angelo. That was a quick reply you posted in my blog. And now, I'm so honored to be the first to comment here in your new post as well. Happy Easter! Didn't know that you're multi-lingual :D

Please say my birthday greetings to Nermal :)

I have heard of White Easter for only sometime, and I think that was a long time ago. I only hear of that again from you. From the term alone, it should be like White Christmas which is cold and cold. Lenten season here is quite hot (unfortunately, some parts of the country like Legaspi and Samar were flooded while Manila is suffering from heat)...

As for the word "pondahan," I was also trying to solicit an answer from those people I know but nobody could tell me about it. It could be a deep Tagalog word.

As for the black theme that I personally customized for my site, I know it will stay forever. It is final and will be the brand color of my site. I felt relieve knowing we both agree with the black color...

And, yes, thanx for visiting my blog...

ghee said...

wow!thanks a lot Angelo,for a Japanese greeting! :)

Isuta Omedetou Gozaimasu!Happy Easter to you and your family,too,Angelo!To your dad,mom,brothers,Nermal and Tu Anh. :)

Cool pix!I love them both esp. the second one. :)

More blessings to come,Angelo.I gotta sleep now,I need lots of energy tomorrow(Tues),our big day. :)but first,I should finish all the things today.

purr to Nermal!

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Dodong: Hey Dodong! I was actually on my way to visit you when I got your email. Happy Easter, Nermal thanks you for the greeting. Maybe the Pondahan was a tindahan near the koi pond hehe...

Ghee: You're welcome Ghee! But if you click on the text there's a message for you there somewhere :) Good luck with the moving, can't wait to see your update regarding the big day! Happy Easter again :)

ghee said...

Oh,very clever,Angelo!

I wonder why you didn`t post the translation when I came here,and that explains it!This is something unique :)

Yeah,I have seen that site,"Engrish",hehe..amusing but sometimes irritating!

Why Kenji?I don`t know...that was the first name that popped up when you mentioned that maybe you were a Japanese in your previous life.or maybe my fav. Japanese name? ;)

Have a good week ahead,Angelo!Happy Easter again!

and Ohayo Gozaimasu!

MeL said...

Hi Angelo! That was a solemn picture. While we were in Pampanga, we grabbed the chance to do the Visita Iglesia. We visited 7 churches including the one in Dau (lahar affected church). More than half of the church was submerged under the lahar and still a lot of people go there to pray.

Then on our way to Subic on Good Friday, many people do the "penitencia". They'd carry their own cross wearing a red robe and crown of thorns with their face hidden behind a red scarf. But we didn't went to the place where one gets crucified talaga on a cross.

I'll post the pictures as soon as I'm done resizing them all. Haha. Happy Easter to all of you! Hope your pamangkin and Nermal found a lot of Easter eggs.

tina @ angelblush said...

Happy Easter (although it's a bit late)

and Happy Birthday to Nermal as well!!.. :P weee... have a great day! cant comment on your latest post.. .:P

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