Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good Boy Nermal!

Nermal turned 7 today!

Nermal's 7th Birthday 009
Happy Birthday little buddy!!
Nermal's 7th Birthday 020
Nermal : mmm good.... btw, thanks Tita Ghee and Ate Ally for the awesome birthday card!
Nermal's 7th Birthday 016

On his last birthday, I had mentioned that Nermal had been working on a new trick for quite some time.... But unfortunately we haven't had a chance to film it for y'all.... well our schedules finally converged, so here is Nermal's latest death-defying feat of catrobatics! Are you ready for it?... but first, let's recap some of his old tricks....
And now, for Nermal's newest trick.... drumroll please....
Okay, that trick was not all that it was supposed to be.... Nermal was supposed to have done a triple flip before jumping through the hoop, and the hoop was supposed to be on fire, but Nermal was being a little pussy.... if you listen carefully, you can even hear him whine right before he jumps.... don't worry though, we'll keep working on it....

Good boy little buddy! Nermal a cat who can do dog tricks cat does dog tricks



Gina said...

Happy 7th Nermal, Happy 7th Nermal..happy 7th,happy 7th, happy 7th NERRRRRMALLLLLLLL!

We hope you have many many more returns of the day...

Bella, Gina & Tony

ghee said...

yesss!Ive been waiting for this!!

ghee said...

I called Ally to watch Nermal,haha!and she said,"wowwwww,he`s so cute and smart!!"

Kawaii!!Sugoii!Jouzuuuu! Ally exclaimed. :D

Nermal`s cake look so yummmyyyyyy!
And he looked like he was gonna blow the candles.It was as if he could relate that it was his Bday,haha!

and wow,he has a new trick!you`re such a good trainer,Pom!he could be a star in a stage show :D

You`re welcome dear Nermal!And once again,Happy Happy Bday to yah!

keep up the good work and stay charming!
hugs hugs!

Christian Bryan said...

I am pretty sure that I am not the first honor. lol

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Nermal. I think the last time that I saw him was when he's taking a bathe so now I can see how lovely his fur is. lol

i know he's a clever cat! And I wish I had a cake like that. Hehehe

Happy birthday again to your buddy! :)

Midas said...

YOu know what? I like you. Nermal gets the coolest cakes on his birthday! I bet my sons would like to be Nermal for the cakes.

Angelo said...

Nermal: Thank you Tita Gina, Tito Tony, and Bella purrr and meow :)

Ghee: Haha, Ally's so cute :) Nermal wasn't afraid of the cake as much this year, I guess coz it didn't burn his whiskers this time. He actually licked the icing. Thanks again for you very special and early birthday greeting!

Christian Bryan: Thanks Bry! Nermal says purr and meow, he'd send you some cake if he could.

Midas: He'd have to settle for the same cake every year though.

ghee said...

So Nermal licked the icing and you ate the rest?haha! oh yeah,he whined before his jump!

I remember the lion jumpin in the ring in one of the games at the video arcade,Nermal reminds me of him. :D

and oh,I like the voice of Nermal`s trainer,haha!

Angelo said...

Ghee: haha ya Ghee, I'll let you know if I get sick from ingesting Nermal germs. Video game lion eh hehe, next time the ring will be on fire :) ummm thanks Ghee I guess :)

ghee said...

yes,yes,the lion jumping in the ring on fire!
but of course,Nermal looks more handsome,haha!

MeL said...

KA! I know I'm late for Nermal's Birthday party. Sorry, Nermal. *lots of hugs for you*

Now I know why Nermal is chubby - because of that cake! It looks yummy. Can I have a slice please? :) KA, he's so cute! kawaiiiii!! Can you bring him with you when you come here in the Ph? Can I hug and kiss him in person? lol. I showed his tricks to my friend, and he loves Nermal na rin! :)

haze said...

Happy 7th wonderful birthday to Nermal! Grabe he's so cute and smart Doc Angelo. My daughter enjoyed the video and she's been watching it 3x! I think, we'll probably get a cat soon, unless you plan to breed your cat and give them to me lol ! You've trained Nermal well ;) !

Angelo said...

Ghee: Nermal: Thanks Tita Ghee :)

Mel: Happy Birthday to you Mel! Ya Nermal likes his cake, he'd love to bring you some in person. We have to see if he can get a balikbayan stamp on his passport first.

Haze: Salut Haze, I'd love to send you a mini-Nermal, but I got him fixed already! There is however a paternity claim back in the Philippines with his ex, but I think she's just after child support hehe

haze said...

LOL Doc Angelo !!! I guess, Nermal should look for a job :D !

Michelle said...

Awww...I should do this to my pets :) that is so cute!!

Angelo said...

Haze: Ya, he's thinking of joining a circus but still needs to perfect his jumping through a hoop of fire bit :)

Michelle: Party on!

Puss-in-Boots said...

And who says you can't teach cats to do tricks???

Well done, Angelo, and clever boy, Nermal. BTW, happy birthday, you beautiful boy. Mitzi and Bella both send purrs and head rubs.

Angelo said...

Puss-in-Boots: WORD to dat Robyn! Nermal says thanks to you, Mitzi, and Bella. Purrs and head butts all around :)

acey said...

OMG!!! he's precious!!! and he's beautiful (for some reason in the birthday cake pics, he looks like a tiny lion! lol!). and the cake looks good. :D

nakaka-gigil ang high-five niya. :D

happy birthday, nermal!!!