Sunday, August 27, 2006

Summer Distraction

This great weather makes studying very difficult...... whenever I'm sitting in my cubicle, my attention is intermittently drawn to the window.....the sky has been so blue and sunny..... it beckons me to come out and enjoy it while it lasts...... this week I've been heeding the call of the window and have found myself eating my lunch at Harbourfront..... here was another beautiful summer day by Lake was depressing however, to see that "Quay to the City" had ended, Queens Quay has been given back to the car leaving pedestrians, cyclists, and skaters to share only about 2 m of sidewalk again..... here's what was left of the bicycle "arc de triomphe".... They invited the public to take home the geraniums that comprised that kilometer long flower bed.....I got some for Tu Anh, and they're growing happily in her garden now..... Can't wait for the planned changes to the waterfront to be permanent..... In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the summer..... TECHNORATI TAGS: ,


ghee said...

Hi Angelo!! These pics are nice!

The upper one is just so lovely!

Whats Queens Quay by the way?

Im sure your gf loved the flowers you brought her.

Good luck to your studies.
Im back and blogging now,check me out!!

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Ghee!!! Welcome back! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures :)..... Queens Quay is the name of a street that runs along the central part of the Toronto waterfront....they're planning on manking it more people friendly rather than car dominated.....

Shoshana said...

Hi Angelo, I wouldn't mind a cubicle if I am looking at something like your window view!

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Hey Shoshana! Tell me about it....either we close those blinds or just wait till summer's over so we can get some work done :).... nice to hear from you again :)

Guyana-Gyal said...

Ohhh, beautiful, and I love those rock people below too.

And here I was saying the other day I don't like Canada...I visited once. [Reminder to self: always keep an open mind.]

Thanks for visiting my blog.