Saturday, December 30, 2006


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This is probably one of my all-time favourite pictures ever. Conveniently, there is something very NEW in it.... how much newer can you get than a newborn, minutes out of the womb? It was taken on my last night of duty in the OB-GYN service during internship, and he is the last baby I ever delivered. Incidentally, this will be my last post of the year. So here's to endings, and new beginnings and endeavours in 2007, and beyond.... (even the photohunt banner is new)

Cheers Photohunters, wishing you a Prosperous and very Happy New Year!

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Beckie said...

WOW, I'm first. This is a great picture and I'll tell you why. I have one very similar! LOL


My "New" is up too at

Lindsay said...

awwww. brand new for sure!

Leah said... borns always amazes me. its such a wonderful thing!

Happy new Year Angelo

srp said...

Delivering babies can really be exciting. It definitely is usually a very happy time in the parent's lives. Mine is up too.
Happy New Year!

Biker Betty said...

Okay, you win on the "newest" of the "new." Great pic. Happy New Year.

Hootin'Anni said...

Definitely NEW for sure for sure!! Wow, I'm so impressed with this photo.

Mine's posted too.

Barbara H. said...

Very sweet!!!

Happy 2007!

ghee said...

OMG!Angelo,you're real! :)
you look cool in tht gown and with that new born baby on your hands :)

New Year is coming!Everyone's excited about it.I think we are all ready for it,too.Got ordered lechon today,Angelo.hehe,wanna hear you drooling out there :)

I'm just hoping for less accidents this year.getting noisy everywhere with those firecrackers and everything.

Well,I wish you a Magnifico 2007!
Take care ;)


Jane said...

I have seen a few New babies today, but yours is such a new perspective. I never really thought about the drs excitement! Happy New Year!

Shoshana said...

Wow! That is new! It's exactly the same idea I have. I just can't find the picture.

Terri said...

You're SO doesn't get much newer than this! WHAT a great photo! Brings back memories of my OB training days. A fun rotation.
Happy New Year to you.

PastorMac's Ann said...

Doesn't get any newer than that!

Excellent choice for the hunt! See you next year.

Heather said...

This is why I want to be an OB nurse. Love the picture!

Mine is up.

cruise said...

wow! i have been dreaming to do just like wahat you did but i end up being an engr. congrats angelo!

have a fruitful and blessed new year...

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Wow! That certainly is a lot of representing NEW! Great picture! Must have been fantastic!

Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by! Isis IS a big girl, she will be about 120-140 lbs full grown. :)

Toe said...

Amazing picture Angelo! Happy New Year!

Iskoo said...

Peace in your heart
Warmth in your soul
Contentment in your life
Joy in your home
May you always be blessed with these priceless treasures!
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Cat said...

Wishing Angelo & Nermal happy times, happy memories and joyous new beginnings!!☆
The picture is pretty excellent good. i wonder who's the lucky☆ baby...^__^

Viamarie said...

Happy New Year to you and the family.

May 2007 bring you more blessings.


sasha said...

Happy New Year, Angelo! ^_^

Wanted to become a doctor but ended up being an Accountant instead, hehehe.. Your picture is way cool! How many babies have you helped deliver anyway? How does it feel?

God bless!

P.S. Our first drink was for you! Hehehe! Just wait for Ate Ghee's post :)

tina said...

How fitting.. did i mention i love new beginnings? haha. :)

Everything's NEW!! WOooo... here's to a new you and me.. and the NEW YEAR!