Saturday, January 06, 2007


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This is one of my favourite baby pictures with me and my mom. It was taken over 30 New Year's Eves ago. I don't really have any MEMORY of it being taken, but from the look on my face I must have been pretty wary of that roman candle. Two generations later.....

and that picture takes on new meaning, as it reminds me of a time when the image I had of my mother was of a much younger and physically stronger person.

“Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't
own it, but you can use it. You can't keep
it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it
you can never get it back.”

Harvey MacKay

Here's to my mom and moms in general! Happy Photohunting Folks!



Shoshana said...

Hi Angelo...your Mom is pretty.

Aiden looks so much like you. These are great choices for the theme. Thanks for sharing.

abe/happy said...

great pics Angelo - and I love that quote by Harvey MacKay that you used.

LibertyBelle said...

Very sweet photos and I love the quote you added to them.
Happy Saturday
Mine's up too

Leah said...

what a great "memory" picture with then and now...


Your mom seems to be a wonderful woman. Nice photo and good memory too.
Thanks for passing by.

sasha said...

This is a really nice post, Angelo! Reminds me of pictures of my mom carrying me as well.

Your mom aged well ha :)

“Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't
own it, but you can use it. You can't keep
it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it
you can never get it back.”Harvey MacKay

I love this quote. So very true. Seize the day, in other words hehe... love this one! Copy ko ha? :)

Take care, Angelo! God bless!

Heart of Rachel said...

Lovely memories. It's always heartwarming to remember how our mothers have been there with us through the years and made every moment special. Thanks for sharing. Mine is up too.

Barbara H. said...

Great photo -- I love your expression there with the roman candle.

(BTW, I'm not sure if the Dippity-Doo they have now is the same as when I was a kid, but I would think so. Neat that they still make it.)

Caylynn said...

Great photos! You were cute but certainly do look rather wary! Perfect choices for the theme.

Skittles said...

What a cutie you were!

Hootin'Anni said...

Wonderful memories you've shared.

Happy weekend.
Mine's posted

Terri said...

Your mom has sure aged beautifully. What great memories.

Gattina said...

Both pictures are so nice, there are only a few years gap in between lol !

srp said...

Your mother is beautiful in both pictures and what a poignant quote. Thanks for the visit.

Ma said...

That is so great and I love those photos. Your Mom must be so proud of you. It's great for you to have honored her this way.

Thank you for stopping by. And you will find your soulmate, everyone has one somewhere, sometime. :)

Biker Betty said...

That is so neat that you have those two similiar photos of your mom. What memories have been made.

I love the piece by Harvey MacKay. How true that is.

Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

I love your entry in this week's hunt. The pictures are wonderful and I love that you honored your mother in such a sweet way.


Anita said...

What a great memory! I also love old pictures of me with my mother.

Teena said...

Very nice pix!

Mine's up too :)

Heather said...

I love generational photos, how beautiful your mother was and still is!

Mine is up.

JO said...

priceless treasure indeed! hope it continues to the next generation!

PastorMac's Ann said...

Oh I love both these pictures and the connection that they have to each other. Wonderful memories. Perfect fit for the hunt.

Desert Diva said...

What wonderful photo memories of your mom!

Linda said...

Your Mom was a very pretty woman 30 years ago and still quite striking today!

roman said...

Excellent pictures Angelo.
I always enjoy photos of people smiling and having a good time.

Yeah I remember watching Davey and Goliath when I was growing up.
It's amazing how different cartoons are now a days.

Happy Hunting

iskoo said...

wow ang galing, iba talaga kapag naitabi ang memories through pics.. sayang wala pa kaming pambili ng cam nung bata pa ako, hehe. bilib :)

tina said...

Wow... so nice.. i thought it was a sparkler(ang laki naman ng sparkler nila noon nasa isip ko).. roman candle pala.

Pardon me for my ignorance. ahihi.
Glad my connection allows me to comment today! weee

Toe said...

I just love old childhood pictures. You were a cute baby Angelo! :) Happy New Year!

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Shoshana: Thanks, I'll make sure to tell her, she'd enjoy that :) and ya, even though he's my nephew, the resemblance was eerie.

Abe/Happy: Thanks! Happy hunting :)

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Sasha: I'll be sure to tell her that! Be my guest :)

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Barbara H.: Thanks! Happy hunting :)

Caylynn:Thanks! Happy hunting :)

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Terry: Thanks, I'll make sure to tell her that, it'll make her happy :)

Gattina: Welcom back from vacation! Thanks and Happy hunting :)

Srp: Thank you I'll let her know that, Happy hunting :)

Ma: Thanks and happy hunting!

Biker Betty: Thanks and have a great week! Happy hunting.

Kim: Thank you and happy hunting :)

Anita: Thanks and happy hunting :)

Teena: Thanks!

Heather: Thanks, I'll tell her you said that, it'll make her happy :)

Jo: Thank you and thanks for dropping by :)

Pastormac's Ann: Thank you and happy hunting :)

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Linda: Thanks, I'll let her know you said that, she'll like that :)

Roman: Thanks, she's usually a happy person. Happy hunting!

Iskoo: Hi! Salamat ha :)

Tina: baka malaking sparkler nga? I don't remember hehe :)

Toe: Thanks Toe! Happy New Year :)