Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nermal Tuesdays

A while back, Gattina invited me to join "Cats on Tuesday", a meme she founded. So I decided that whenever I post about Nermal, it'll be on Tuesdays. Besides, Mondays are for Mushu, Wednedsays are Wordless, Thursdays are for Thirteening, and Saturdays are for Photohunting. That leaves Sundays for resting, and Fridays for everything else... oh meme, oh my!

So here are thirteen things about Nermal.... oh wait, it's not Thursday.... oh well:

  1. Name: Nermal de los Angeles
  2. Nicknames: Nerm, Nerms, Nermie, Nermalio, Nermalito, Taba, Fats, Fatty, Guvn'r
  3. He'll be 5 years old on March 22.
  4. He's a Persian.
  5. He was born in Malate, Philippines.
  6. I couldn't leave him behind when I came home to Canada, so he endured an almost 24 hour flight to get here...poor little guy.
  7. He has a lacrimal duct obstruction OS that was not ammenable to surgery, according to the vets, that's why he's always tearing in the left eye.
  8. He had one brother and two sisters.... Nermal was the last one to be sold by the breeder.
  9. When I first saw him, all I noticed was a big ball of fur, and instantly fell in love.
  10. When I got him home, I noticed his bad eye and multiple fungal lesions all over his body.... I'm glad I didn't notice it before, and was glad that I rescued him from that fungus ridden place.... I understood why he was the last one sold. I bathed him daily with an anti-septic wash and applied a clotrimazole cream until all the ring-worm was gone... in the process I also got a couple of those fungal lesions myself, and so did his gf Fluffy. We all eventually cleared up.
  11. He's afraid of hamsters.
  12. I woke up one morning to screeching parakeets.... I found Nermal inside the bird cage just sitting and watching the birds from a distance.... he was that small, now look at him!
  13. He's always hungry.
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tina said...

How cute the cat. You have a lot of pet ahh... -_-

Gattina said...

Oh god ! It's a shame to make me laugh so early in the morning ! A wonderful story and I liked that he is afraid of Hamsters. We once had a guinea pig called Pitsou and HE was the chef in the house and put order in the cats ! You should have seen him, sitting up and showing his teeth when one of our cats wanted to play with him.

I am proud to say that with the help of a blogfriend we now have a blogroll ! You can copy and paste the code in your sidebar !

helen said...

A beautiful big ball of fur :)

sasha said...

Your cat is sooo cute! At talaga namang may gf siya named Fluffy! Hehehe

Natawa ako sa nicknames niya. May taba! Hahaha... Pinoy ka nga, Angelo! :)

Thanks for sharing something about Nermal. God bless!

Caylynn said...

Nermal is fortunate you bought him. It sounds like he's done well since he joined your family. Thanks for introducing us to him. :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Angelo, I've wandered over from Gattina's Cats on Tuesday.

Your Nermal is a handsome boy and he's a very lucky cat to have found you to look after him.

I have a "problem child" (according to my daughter) called Oscar who shares his home with me.

Do come and visit some time.


Toe said...

That's so cute... OMG... kawawa naman siya sa plane!

elizabeth said...

Nermal is beautiful!

scribbit said...

If I'm remembering my 80s pop culture correctly, isn't that Garfield's nephew? (Yes, it's embarrassing to admit I remember those kinds of details) :)

TorAa said...

Lucky Nermal, meeting people like you. It's so nice when people really care for their pets, oh, sorry, cats are not pets, they are our Managers and Bosses.
Afraid of Hamsters. Is that racial determinded?
Our Manx cats ain't afraid of other animals, except those that make much noise (like dogs).

meeyauw said...

Nermal is a great cat! I laughed at the hamsters. But sitting in the bird cage as they flew free? Now that's funny!

haze said...

Your cat is sooo cuddingly lovely! Good you saved him from all this viruses! Good job Angelo ! I love cats too but the things is, it's really a big job. Have 2 kids to take care of and I have no maids at home so I do everything! So if I want to have one it would be my 3rd baby, aawww! Back home we have cats and am missing them :( !

Angelo said...

Tina: Ya, I wan't a dog too :)

Gattina: That's great Gattina, I've just added it to my sidebar :)

Helen: Nermal says thanks :)

Sasha: Hehe, ya ex-gf Fluffy now, she stayed in the Philippines... They had a couple of dates (that I witnessed) but Nermal didn't do it right I think?

Caylynn: Thanks as well, he's doing great :)

Puss-in-Boots: The problems make them endearing :) Cheers to you and Oscar!

Toe: Ya kawawa, he wasn't allowed in the cabin with me coz he was too big! When we arrived in Detroit, we had to go through customs kasi it was strict there. When he saw me, he came out of the corner where he was hiding and gave me a big meow. When the customs inpsector opened his cage, Nermal was wet from peeing himself.... poor thing, buti na lang Detroit was only an hour from Toronto... Nermal's okay now.

Elizabeth: Nermal says thanks!

Scribbit: good memory! I think he was Garfield's cousin though, Garfield found him annoying coz he was so good and smart :)

Toraa: Ya, Nermal's a sweetheart, he literaly could not hurt a fly, he just likes to watch them.

Meeyauw: Thank you from me and Nerm :)

Haze: Salut Haze! Ya for sure, he's like a kid. They do grow on you eh? But they can be a lot of work.

srp said...

Nermal is very lucky to have found you. One of my ragdolls has that obstruction of the tear duct. She did have the surgery but since cats are such fast healers, it healed over again in about ten months. So no more surgeries for her.

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Srp: Ya that's what the vet said would happen, hope your cat's okay.... I just feel bad for Nermal, he always looks uncomfortable, but he's generally a happy camper, so I think it's okay.