Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Ed. #4

Last week I was tagged by Toe, payback for tagging her :) Her tag entailed listing "10 things that I would never do". She also suggested that I do it as a Thursday Thirteen, so not only did she tag me, but she got me to do 1/3 more work than the original tag! You're a smart cookie Toe!

So here are Thirteen Things I Would Never Do:
  1. Say "Happy TT" ever again, or use "TT" as a short form of Thursday Thirteen... TT in the Filipino language may be construed as referring to a male anatomical appendage, so it'll be Happy T13 from now on from me :D
  2. Stop blogging.... I dedicate this one to Leah.
  3. Spend too much time blogging and surfing the net.... I gotta be more disciplined lest this becomes some form of addiction.
  4. Whore out this blog to the advertisers.
  5. Go to a nude beach, or more specifically, be nude at a nude beach.... I've been to the one at the Toronto Islands.... not nude of course.
  6. Drink tequila ever again.... just smelling the stuff brings on flashbacks of a really bad alcohol related party incident in high school....
  7. Become a smoker.
  8. Drink and drive.
  9. Tell the haircutting lady to use a 1.5 shaver to cut my hair ever again.... I meant to say 2.5, but it was too late when I realized my mistake!
  10. Have LASer In-situ Keratomileusis performed on my eyes..... assisting in hundreds of these procedures has turned me off to the idea, plus I'm not a perfect candidate.
  11. Dance like nobody's watching.... sorry, can't do it.
  12. Lose faith.
  13. Tag anybody ever again... maybe....
Happy Thirteening Thirteeners, and a Happy T13!

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Rashenbo said...

Lol! I guess I'll have to start using T13 too... no more TT's here... :) We learn something new every day eh? Thank you for sharing, it's a fun idea for a list and I enjoyed reading it.

Happy T13.

Gina said...

Happy TT---oops!!! Thirteening! Oh,so that's what LASIK stands for . I've always wondered what it means. Smart choice-not to smoke , nor drink & drive. Or to stop blogging..or to lose faith..just too darn smart...

scribbit said...

Good to know about #1, cultural things like that can get one into lots of trouble.

Raggedy said...

Happy TT combination..
It must count as a twofor since it was a meme too! teeheee
Mine is up 2
Have a great Thursday

Shoshana said...

LOL. TT is my form of Filipino is the same appendage use for breastfeeding. I guess you're tagalog instead of Bisaya

This is a neat tag actually, just a bit hard to do.

I am not doing anything to my eyes except wear glasses on it. I am too afraid of something going wrong and I'd never be able to read again. I love books.

Chickadee said...

Glad to see that you wouldn't drink and drive. Too many make that bad choice. And also good to see that you'll never lose faith. That's so important to have in life.

My 13 are up.

Incog & Nito said...

Yep I'll start saying happy T13 too. A few things on there I wouldn't do either. Must admit though I always dance like no-one is watching - can't help it - love to dance!

Toe said...

Angelo, haha! Okay, we're quits - except for that 1/3 ;) . Thanks for doing this... I enjoyed reading your list. Your Number 1 is quite an eye-opener for your non-Filipino readers. About going nude on a beach? Aren't the beaches too cold in Canada to even wear something less than a jacket? :) I agree with you about continuing blogging, smoking, and drinking and driving. About whoring out my blog, I'll do that once I reach 2,000 readers a day... which would be never! :)

Happy New Year Angelo!

Leah said...

ha!ha! great list Angelo and thanks for #2.
Drink tequilla? I tried that too and it made me real hot!
Its good with lemon....

And like there's no tomorrow. dont be too conservative. ha!ha!

Tony said...

Hi Angelo, thanks for commenting on my sight. I read your blog and those are good things not to do.Your linky does not work today. So, are you a GP or specialist? Take care.

Laurence said...

Hi !!! Thanks for visiting me !!! You speak french very well...

I love your blog, your pictures... The Santa Claus seems to be delicious !!! :-)

I love your T13 :-D
For the #5, come to France !!! We have nude beach ;-)

N. Mallory said...

LASIK was the best thing I ever did for myself. It was also the most painful thing I ever did to myself on purpose. Still totally worth it. I'd do it again.

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Rashenbo: Thanks for dropping by, Happy T13!

Gina: Thanks Gina, Happy TT ;)

Scrbbit: Yeah, you're right... most Filipinos have a healthy sense of humor though, so no harm done.

Raggedy: Thanks you're right it is a twofor, didn't think of that :)

Shoshana: Really? What a multi-faceted word TT is :) Yeah if you are happy with your glasses, you're not a good candidate for LASIK, I've seen many happy post-op patients, but I've also seen the 5% or so who are unhappy, and if you're in that 5% it becomes 100% for you.

Chickadee: Thanks, amen to that :) Happy T13!

Incog & Nito: Hey, if you got rhrythm flaunt it :D Maybe I would do it if given enough liquid courage aka booze.

Toe: Thanks for tagging me :) Surprisingly, it's January already, and I've been able to go outside without a jacket. I'm hoping this crazy weather doesn't mean a really hot summer that would necessitate nudity at the beach. Happy 2007!

Leah: Maybe if drank enough tequila I would be able to dance like there's not tomorrow, but I don't think there's enough lemon in Southern Ontario make me like the stuff ;)

Tony: Thanks for dropping by too :) I'm preparing to do my residency training.

Laurence: Salut merci beaucoup :) hmmm... I'd love to go to France, but let me think about visiting the #5's over there ;)

N. Mallory: I'm glad your surgery went well for you, that's what we like to hear! :) My girlfriend had it done too and is very happy. Unfortunately, I've seen the few people who are not satisfied. I would only recommend it for good candidates who are motivated. I lack both those qualities.

Dragonheart said...

Cool list! So I guess we should all say "happy T13" - hopefully that's safe in a variety of languages!

Teena said...

Great list! I've been to Toronto Islands many times but never to the nude beach. And I'm too much of a wimp for LASIK.

Mine's up too :)