Saturday, January 13, 2007


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If you know Star Trek you might recognize this as a Transporter. It's an old toy I dug out of my closet.... yeah, I'm a what? I put C3PO and R2D2 inside it to demonstrate. It breaks you down into sub-atomic particles and re-assembles you at your destination. Okay, it's just science fiction TECHNOLOGY, but maybe one day it could be reality.... then I'd never be late again! Beam me up Scotty!

Happy Photohunting :) Live Long and Prosper.



Ma said...

That is awesome that you have that! Great photos! My son who is 34 would love that.

I'm up too.

Danella said...

Thats a great photo! What a fun looking toy.

Mine is up too.

Fleur de Lisa said...

Think how wonderful that would be- and so very time saving. One of my favorite Star Trek inventions!

ghee said...

you`re funny,Angelo!LOL!But it makes sense.maybe someday,a real transporter must be bourn.

ans hey,i havent seen that kinda toy!your nephew must love that,too!

nice pics,btw. :)
you can have a career at photography.:D

TNChick said...

that is cool!! way cool!! thanks for sharing it!

Mama Duck said...

So cool, I love it!!

Barbara H. said...

Oh, wow -- if my kids had known about these, they would have wanted one!! My husband, too, probably.

Shoshana said...

Wow! My husband would love it. He loves Star Trek plus that other show with the thing you mention. C something or the other.

PowersTwinB said...

yeap, this is a photo my older 34 yr old son would enjoy too! Great idea!!! thanks for visiting my blog tonight

Runaway Rubber Duckie said...

A transporter would be nice! Although, did the guys from Star Wars have that technology??


Viamarie said...

Interesting toy. I remember my brother having one and he didn't allow anyone to touch it.

Happy Saturday!

abe-hap said...

actually I always wanted to go into DR Who's telephone box transporter ;)

sachiko said...

hey angelo baby,was checking your friendster and i must say you have a beautiful lady out there!

greetings from ghee's friend,sushiyama!

Caylynn said...

Very cool! Too funny that you've used a piece of Star Trek technology to "transport" Star Wars characters! :D

It would be wonderful if transporter technology would become reality!

Have a good weekend. :)

Skittles said...

How cool is that!!!!

Chris said...

Fantastic set of photos, good pick! (and pic...)

Linda said...

I so wish that someone could have invented transporters by now considering I hate the amount of traffic that is on the road these days! It would make it so much easier if I could "beam" a paramedic over to a scene!

Thanks for stopping by!

Jane said...

I know tons of adult kids who would love to play with that toy!! In fact a few of us were talking about the transporters the other day. You know, when we were kids cell phones were just a dream... A transporter would make my day SO much easier!

tina said...

It can happen... if the people willed it to be. hehe

srp said...

Thanks for visiting.... a toy you say.... hmmm..... what happened to the characters? It would be nice to either have a transporter or be able to twitch your nose like Samantha on Bewitched to get where you're going to.... no more traffic jams!

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh so cool!!! I'm a star wars fan. I still have the old version of an At At! Lordy. :o)

Mine's posted.
Enjoy your weekend, and if you have time, drop by and say howdy!!!

Biker Betty said...

That is REALLY cool!! I love your transporter. With the way technology is, I bet there will be one someday. I just won't be the guinea pig, lol. Great idea and thanks for sharing.

Have a great weekend :)

Teena said...

Very cool!

Mine's up :)

mar said...

Great choice!!!! what fun toys but they could be reality soon thanks to improved technology, ha!
happy saturday!

Mike said...

If only it were real. Wouldn't that be a blast. Vacations would be so nice then. A good post for the hunt.

PastorMac's Ann said...

Too cool! Love Star Trek!

Great choice for the Hunt.


That is wonderful. It may be Technology fiction but where did some of our technologies come from now, they also came from fiction that some of them came true.
Mine is up too.

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Ma: Thanks Ma, glad to hear I'm not alone in my "nerdiness" :)

Danella: Thanks, Happy hunting!

Fleur de Lisa: One of my favourites too!

Ghee: Thanks lol! Aiden's not allowed to touch MY toys hehe :)

TNChick: Thanks for dropping by, Happy hunting!

Mamma Duck: Thanks! Happy hunting :)

Barbara H.: Thanks, happy hunting :)

Shoshana: I'm glad I'm not the only Star Trek and Star Wars fan, maybe it's not so "nerdy" after all?

Powerstwinb: Thanks as well! Happy hunting :)

Stacey: No, but I couldn't find a star trek figure to transport :) happy hunting :)

Viamarie: yeah, my brother's aren't allowed either :)

Abe-Hap: oh yeah that would be cool too! I was always terrified by the opening sequence for Dr. Who!

Sachiko: Ohayo! domo arigatou, I'll be sure to let her know you said that :) she loooves compliments :D

Caylynn: hehe, yeah couldn't find Captain Picard anywhere!

Skittles: very cool! happy hunting :)

Chris: Thanks Chris! Happy hunting :)

Linda: Oh that would definitely save time and lives eh?! happy hunting :)

Jane: yeah tell me about it! I mean cellphone look pretty similar to those communicators in the original Startrek of the 60's right?

Tina: Sana! I really hate traffic kasi!

Srp: I transported them to the surface :) Yeah that would be cool too, I really have a tendency to be late because of traffic!

Hootin Anni: COOL! I used to have the original AT-AT when I was a kid.... I got another one as an adult, I think they're pretty much the same... Happy hunting!

Biker Betty: Yeah, I think I would wait a while too before trying out that new technology, if or when it becomes a reality :)

Teena: thanks, happy hunting :)

Mar: Ya hopefully :D Happy hunting :)

Mike: Thanks! Ya, no more nasty airlines to deal with :) Happy hunting :)

Pastormac's Ann:Thanks! Happy hunting :)

Friday's Child: You're right, maybe one day... we could save so much more time :)

jannie Funster said...

Beam Me Scotty, to Paris or Rome today.

Sanni said...

I´m sorry for being so late this week – I´ve got abad cold… so I´m hunting out of my bed =)
That´s a great choice for this week´s theme!

Please visit mySPSH #5 - thank you =)

Heart of Rachel said...

Cool toy. I wonder if that kind of technology will be invented in the future. Creative entry. Thanks for sharing.

Leah said...

so cute and cool hubby would love that