Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Motivation Nermal Style

Angelo: Nermal, roll over..... roll over.....
Nermal: okay........................................ I can't I'm too fat!

: There's some catnip in it for you......

Nermal: Why didn't you say so?......
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Puss-in-Boots said...

What a beautiful cat Nermal is. By the way...Nermal? Where did you get that name?

Gattina said...

He,he, Nermal looks like my Kim, only she is a she ! Do you also have troubles with his fur ? Kim is always full of knots although she is brushed everyday. But from time to time we have to go to the vet to get the knots shaved off !

tina said...

Hehe funnny dialogueee with Nermal. Have a great week ahead.

meeyauw said...

How'd you do that??? That is so great and I am jealous!! Nermel is gorgeous, with attitude, too! Those attitudinal cats are fun, aren't they? Quite a few of those here with me! Great post!

ghee said...

yesss!Nermal did it!!LOL!
He`s very clever and cool huh?
you need the under the table?the catnips for him to do the rolling,hahhaa!

I wanna hug you,Nermal!!

well,casual days for me Angelo...nothing special goin on.how bout yours? :)

ingat lagi Angelo!salamat ;)

TorAa said...

Funny post and conversation. What dialect does Nermal speak? Ours speak Cattish.

Great to see him live. Keep rollin'


FelineFrisky said...

Nermal is quite fuzzy! Hair care must be a chore.

Fresh catnip - oh, boy!!

Our cats think they're dogs. They come when called and sit when told to. It's handy! D :)

Laurie said...

AH ha ha, nermal is acting quite normal me thinks. Love the closeup of the catnip. I can only imagine the amount of brushing that cat requires. You'd appreciate my post for cats on tuesday regarding the whole addiction thing they have. cheerio, Laurie

Toe said...

Angelo, this is so cute. Para talaga kayong si Garfield at si Jon Arbuckle... talking to each other and understanding each other. :)

BTW, excuse my ignorance, but what is catnip?

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Puss-In-Boots: Nermal says thanks :) Nermal is the name of Garfield's cousin.

Gattina: Oh yeah lotsa trouble with knots! I can't keep up brushing, they are inevitable! Luckily Nermal lets me shave it off.

Tina: Thanks for always dropping by Tina, Have a great week too!

Meeyauw: Do you mean how I got him to roll over?.... lotsa patience, food, and catnip.... or the picture?.... it's an animated gif.... You must have a ball at your house :)

Ghee: Hi Ghee, hope the cold war is over :) Yeah Nermal's lazy, I guess coz his beer belly gets in the way when he tries to roll over, so I have to bribe him with drugs :) Take care! Don't worry heart's day always makes things better :)

Toraa: Ya Nermal speaks Cattish too, but his mother tongue is Cat-alog :)

FelineFrisky: Oh YA! A big chore! That's very true, it is handy! Nermal usually listens when he's hungry though. But then again, he's always hungry!

Laurie: I'd love to see your post, but I can't seem to get to your link? I'll surf the other Cats on Tuesday peeps and see if I can't find you link.

Toe: haha! Yeah you're right :) Catnip is like a mint plant, it's actually also called "Cat mint", but it doesn't smell minty. It smells like a skunk actually! But most cats go nuts for it.

iskoo said...

ngayon lang ako nakakaita ng catnip, just wonder ano meron sa amoy neto bakit gustong gusto ng mga pusa :)

Teena said...

Maybe Nermal is just really furry, not fat :)

haze said...

Can I adopt Nermal for a short period, Angelo? Cute talaga nya, I am sure my kids will enjoy playing with him :)! Bon Weekend !

Heart of Rachel said...

I love those cute photos of Nermal.

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