Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Ed. #7

Thirteen random oddities and minor annoyances from the last couple of weeks:
  1. Did the "YMCA" in church.
  2. I've been getting a hat head from wearing a toque.
  3. Got stuck sitting beside a girl in class who really grosses me out. She's always coughing without covering her mouth, and belching out loud without any attempts at disguise. She also sneezes into her hand and wipes it on her pants. On two occasions she has lifted up her arm to expose her armpit and then proceeded to scratch it within 10 cm of my head. I try to avoid her as much as possible because I can't afford to get sick, but she keeps bumping into me when she moves around. Then one time she asked if she could borrow my extra pencil....I told her to keep it hehe....
  4. Somebody in class stinks! (it's not the gross girl)..... I can't breath in there.... hygiene people hygiene!
  5. I caught an upper respiratory tract infection (not from the gross girl)..... I got it from kissing sweetie's mucous membranes.... she told me not to, but I couldn't resist.....
  6. The washing machine was broken for more than a week... it broke just when I needed to do laundry.... I've had to overdress to class.... either that, or wear the same thing over and over again thereby contributing to the odours in the classroom.
  7. Union Station is plastered with these new Diesel Ads: Global Warming Ready?! I don't know whether to commend them for being clever, or be disgusted for making light of a serious issue.... ya the girl IS hot, but does the Earth have to be too? Maybe they're just trying to spark awareness on the issue.... those penguins look confused....
  8. Several times, I've had to hold a very full bladder from bursting on my bus ride into the city.... I hate traffic when you gotta pee, and I'm going to develop renal stones!
  9. It feels like -30 with the wind chill.... sure doesn't feel like global warming in Canada!
  10. I've been trying to cut down on the coffee, but I'm not happy with the withdrawal symptoms I've been experiencing.... Rx: more coffee....
  11. I forgot about the driving hassles that go along with winter.... ice scraping, snow removing, car warming-uping.... it takes longer to warm up my car than it does to drive home from the train station.
  12. Too tired to do anything except eat dinner, shower, and sleep when I get home at 10:30 pm....
  13. I've had little time to blog....arrgghh....
Happy Thursday Thirteeners!

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The Rock Chick said...

It sure doesn't feel like global warming here in Chicago with our -30 wind chills either! Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Loved your list and the addition of the hygiene people hygiene with the gross girl description :)


Ankur said...

Happy TT. and interesting list.

tina said...

Ahh to be beside someone who coughs and not cover his./her mouth is annoying.

Global warming.. ahh the effects of man being cruel to nature... and whatever they are trying to depict in that ad...

Haha just like meee little timeee rawr.

Chickadee said...

Ewww on #3...did she grow up in a barn??? Cover your mouth when you cough! And if you like to belch, save it for the ride home or in the privacy of your own home! Gah.

My 13 are up.

Gina said...

Exactly the reason why I don't wear a hat or a toque,especially going to work- difficult to get rid of the hat head!
yeah, this week has been brutally cold with the wind chill factor. This must be how it feels in the arctic.(?)
Eww,eww,eww- stay away from that person who doesn't cover her mouth & scratches her armpits, she might borrow another pencil from you, hala ka!
Happy Thirteening! I hope the weeks coming will have less annoyances to you!

Leah said...

That is one of my pet peeves, unhygienic people and especially a girl? yikes.

I can only say sorry for you.

Keep warm Angelo and hope you are not sick anymore.

cruise said...

haha, i have been trying to lessen my coffee intake but it looks like am getting more...

sasha said...

I was laughing so hard with the gross girl story! Hahahaha... Gross! I hate people who belch out loud in public! I feel like the air becomes contaminated when someone does that and I'm near that person! Yuck!

You're wearing a toque? Cooking class?

Wow! It sure is cold there! Brrrr

Great list, Angelo! Thanks for making me laugh :)

Shoshana said...

Ouch, that would gross me out being next to that girl...does she have BO to finish her combo also?

Renal stone? Bring an empty bottle of soda, or empty coffe cup you're so fond of.

The embarrassment of having to pee in a cup in your car while stuck in traffic is worth it not having to pee blood when you pass stone.


ghee said...

Hey Angelo!!I cant help myself from laughing out loud here,hahaha!

A gross girl??shikeess,so,she didnt borrow your araser after using your pencil?and she keeps on bumping you,maybe she`s so attracted to you and wanting to share her viruses to you,LOL!

i hate stinky kids during summer,too.hey,its cold out there,and yet someone was stinking?yucky!!

and this one,Dr.Angelo,LOL! muccuos membrane huh?thats funny,LOL!where in particular did you kiss her?er,its okay,never mind my question,haha!

goshh,ive got a alot to say here.what caught my attention was how you`ve expressed them using your usual medical terms,very clever.. :)

Enjoy your weekend,Angelo!while studying.. ;)


Angelo de los Angeles said...

The Rock Chick: Ya tell me about it! Don't worry spring is on the way :) Thanks for dropping by Jessica!

Ankur: Thanks!

Tina: Ya very annoying, kadiri man! Don't get burned out in your busyness Tina :)

Chickadee: I think it's worse than a barn.... an outhouse maybe? Good thing she doesn't expel those belches out the other end, or that room would really stink!

Gina: I know eh?! But it's soooo cold lately, my ears feel like they're gonna fall off.... but I think its still colder in the Arctic.... can you imagine?! Thanks, Gina, I'm trying to keep clear of that girl, I really don't want to catch what she has!

Leah: Thanks Leah, I'm doing better, but I feel like I'm going to get contaminated by that girl!

Cruise: Oh man, it's hard to quit eh?! If you do try to quit, do it slowly, withdrawal sucks!

Sasha: Hey Sasha! Oh I guess the French call the chef hat a toque? I think I remember that from grade 10 French class...but only vaguely.... in Canada, toque is the word for a winter hat.... I wish I could learn to be a chef!

Shoshana: lol, I actually was considering that one time, but there were a couple of teenage girls behind me hehe! I have to admit I did have to do that one time, coz I was stuck in traffic in Manila, and you know traffic there! The worst part was that I was in the car with my ex-future mother-in-law!! She was the one who suggested it, I was so desperate that I hopped in the back seat and did it!

Ghee: Hey Ghee! Yuck, just thinking about her makes my skin crawl... I feel like she's crawling with bacteria and viruses! Don't ask which particular mucous memebranes I kissed hehe!

Teena said...

You're making me cranky just reading them :)

Mine's up too :)

haze said...

That was just disgusting and I guess impolite too! Coughing without covering...she's spreading the virus :( ! Maybe you should sit far from her !

Advertising sometimes makes me sick! They are monopolizing people and I guess we should not let them monopolize us.

Keep warm Angelo and have a nice weekend! You need a rest!