Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Ed. #8

Thirteen more random oddities and minor annoyances from my week:
  1. `
  2. Okay number 1 was wordless, but doubley annoying. Firstly all that winter gear is annoying, and secondly, my glasses keep fogging up.... Sasha, that's my toque....
  3. Remember gross girl from last week? Her antics continue.... the other day she was sneezing without covering herself, so the guy sitting beside her gave her a paper towel... hint hint gross girl.... well she used the same paper towel until it practically disintegrated into her hand! Then one time she got up and placed her hand on my shoulder!!!! WAT THA!!! I froze in terror, imagining my shoulder contaminated with millions of bacteria and viruses that would slowly make their way to my mucous membranes.... aaarrrgghhh I'm in Hell and I can't move from my spot.... it's okay, I kept my composure....
  4. I found out who it is in class that smells.... his aroma wafted into my nostrils as he walked passed me....
  5. There's more than one smelly guy in that room.... what's wrong with these people, we're not at the gym...
  6. I gave in and went to MacDonald's several times to eat Big Macs, after a whole year's hiatus....I couldn't resist....
  7. Gross girl sat at a different desk! Unfortunately she was replaced by a truly annoying girl, irritating in fact.... Irritating girl keeps swinging her chair around.... I can see her oscillations in my peripheral vision and it makes me dizzy!.... gross girl please come back? At least you were nice and didn't give me a headache..... I won't complain about you anymore?....
  8. Somebody, I won't name names, threw out two of my underwears just because there were a few holes in them.... They were still good!
  9. I missed the bus home by 5 minutes.... I had to wait another 45 mins for the next one.... it was okay, it gave me a chance to walk to the St. Lawrence Market and take some pics along the way.....
  10. I got on the wrong bus going home! I needed to get on the express bus to Meadowvale, instead I got on the one that stops at Cooksville, Erindale, Streetsville and everywhere in between before it gets to Meadowvale....
  11. On top of that, there was a snow storm, so my usual 30-40 min ride home turned into an 80 min ride....arrgghhh....
  12. Did I mention gross girl is a close talker? ...hehe, sorry gross girl, just kidding please come back?
  13. Two words: WINTER DRIVING!
Happy Thirteening Thirteeners!

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Miranda said...

Great list!

I so feel your pain on winter driving.

Happy TT!

ghee said... looks so cold out there..I cant go out at night/morning without a toque or winter hat,too.

The gross girl and now an annoying girl?LOL!you know what they call that irritating girl in the Phil? KSP..means kulang sa pansin. :)
"Hey!Pay me an attention!!"hehe,I hate those girls,too!Feeling like a goddess among the crowd.

I hope the snow storm is gone..That`s an interesting place to shop.Nice picture!

Hows the Vday celebration?I hope you had a good one :)

Ingat,Angelo...from the gross girl/annoying girl! :D

christine said...

Ya know, I work with a lot of people like gross girl. I KNOW that's why I'm off sick this week. I can totally relate. Happy TT.

Frances said...

My business partner and I drove home at 20 miles an hour tonight. All the snow and ice is scary. I hate it when someone sneezes then touches me or handles something of mine. Ewwww gross.
You look cute in your scarf and glasses.
Thanks for sharing

Gattina said...

He, he nice list ! I agree with you on underpants. Holes are there to aerate, tell this the person you don't want to name !

Raggedy said...

Good gripey Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Caylynn said...

Uggh. Gross girl sounds really gross! I would be disgusting by her virii too!

What is it about you guys and holes in their underwear? I finally have my husband trained to throw out his holey underwear, but before I came along he would wear them until they were falling apart!

I hope you have fewer annoyances in the coming week!

Anonymous said...

You look "HOT" in that picture sweetie ;) I am sure whoever threw out your underwear feels that you would not look good in it anymore :) I hope you have a good rest tonight.

Uisce said...

I totally understand #6 -- I was off of fast food for months last year until I finally gave in and made up for lost time! :/ Happy TT, mine's up!

Shoshana said...

Angelo, my mother and I are watching Shogun..first picture you have reminds me of a Samurai.

Ugh. I hate smell. I was eating out yesterday coz I have to get my glasses prescription fixed, and then along comes this person who has the most rancid smell I gagged before I could control anything.

Yuck! Surely there's not excuse to smelling unless one lives under a bridge?

Leah said...

What's with men and undies? if it ain't good, throw it out! Sorry, Angelo - just my 2 cents.

Did you boycott McD for a whole yr or just the bigmacs? A whole year withour bigmac? Whoa! What a resolve you have.
I'm not a big fun of bigmac, I go for McChicken's and Chicken nuggets.

Its definitely winter wonderland - I share your pains.

Amanda said...

Winter Driving is bad! especially when it's all ice! I am not a winter person especially when its all windy.

cruise said...

maybe you should introduce the gross lady and the gymnast smelly guy. they seem to have chemistry.

sasha said...

Hahahah... So THAT is the toque that you're talking about! Thanks for educating me heheheh

I truly love your gross girl stories! Makes me laugh out loud here! Hahahaha... and the smelly guy?? Hahahaha... who threw out your underwear?? Hehehe.. read your sweetie's comment ;)

Grabe, it looks soooo cold out there! Take care, Angelo!

Laurence said...

I love your list !

I hate to drive on snow too ! :-)

Happy T13 !

mar said...

I am glad I live in a place without we drive 8 hours twice a year to see snow and ski....Keep yourself warm, drive carefully and go buy yourself new sexy underwear.
Happy TT!

tina said...

ahh there'll be better dayss... :P

nawala nga si gross girl pumalit naman si irritating girl oh well.

haha everyone's eating out in Macdonald's ahh heeh

JO said...

i hate winter driving too... this is my first winter that I have to drive everyday... a 30 minute drive to work is taking me 1.5 hours!

on the bright side, its good that its traffic too, that way, people are more careful on the road.

Heart of Rachel said...

Sorry to hear about your recent random annoyances. I also have my share of small annoyances but I just end up laughing at most of them. The major ones which cannot easily be set aside are a different matter. Thanks for sharing.

BTW,I'm not a participant. I dropped by to check your Photo Hunt. I'll visit again soon. Take care!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Smells, viruses and holey undies...eeeeuw! I'm surprised you're still able to function after that lot.

Keep well and give that Nermal cat a purrr from Oscar.

Teena said...

I'm sooooo done with winter!!!

And thanks for reminding me that I haven't been to the Market in a while.

Mine's up too :)

haze said...

Poor Angelo ! Oh I hope that this week would be a lot better for you. And take a lot of vitamins to avoid getting sick with all those viruses from your class. Keep warm Angelo and stay away from them as far as you could :)!

I can feel the coldness from your pic here in South of France winter is at 8°C in the morning and 15-18°C in the afternoon ! Meron kaming El Nino ata eh :( !