Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Ed. #9

I've been doing a lot of complaining these past few weeks, and although it is a common and very popular past-time in these here parts, I don't like to do it too much. Life's too short to sweat the small stuff. So this week:

Thirteen more random oddities but no minor annoyances, just good stuff from my past couple of weeks:
  1. Mmmmmm....Big Mac meal.... Unfortunately, I'm going to have to go on another McDonald's hiatus (that's a complete cut-off from all things McDonald's Leah). As much as I love you Big Mac, I have to think about my coronary arteries.....
  2. Gross Girl didn't bother me anymore, instead, whenever I would hear a big ol' BELLLLCH from 2 seats away, I had to contain my laughter :D I think she's feeling better now, I'm just relieved that I didn't catch her cold....
  3. I have to rename Irritating Girl to Misunderstood But Very Nice and Helpful Girl.... she actually apologized to me for making a ruckus.... I was embarrassed that my annoyance may have been transparent... sorry, Misunderstood But Very Nice and Helpful Girl, I was having premenstual syndrome at the time :D
  4. Smelly guy sat beside me one time, thank Olfactory Nerve he used deodorant! However, he was not yet used to Gross Girl so, he would actually react whenever he would hear the big ol' BELLLLCH hahahahahahaha :D
  5. I finished all the lectures (except for one chapter) that I needed to do!
  6. I'm gonna miss all the peeps at the study center, I made a lot of cool friends this time around.... the crowd was much younger and hipper compared to the last time... Study well guys and good luck!
  7. I'm going to go live at the library for the next few months.... my buddy A said not to do it coz of all the distracting youngins walking around there.... he may be right.... but it also makes me feel good when I can still get a look or two from one of those youngins :)
  8. I couldn't do a proper fast on Ash Wednesday, I just can't do it when I'm studying.... I did however have a Filet-o-Fish instead of a Big Mac.... mmmm.... it was pretty good!
  9. This one is dedicated to the Kababayan out there: itutuloy ko 'tong namber nayn sa bahay ni Ate g.....
  10. Okay let's make this a TTT (Tri-lingual Thursday Thirteen) despite the fact that my Francais is rusté..... Number 10 is dedicated to Haze and Laurence: Salut! Comment ça va?...... c'est tout..... Je suis désolé mais mon français est très mal!
  11. Somebody defaced those Deisel adds at Union Station: I'm not ready!.... on second thought, I am getting sick of winter?
  12. I've had a little (actually a lot) more time to blog this week :D
  13. Goodbye.... may we never meet again.....
Happy Thursday Thirteeners!

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ghee said...

whoah!!I love filet 0 fish,too!!
You know the new Big Mac here,Angelo?You cant believe it!Triple!!

hahaha!I cant help myself to laugh out so loud here!Im happy for Gross girl that she feels better now,although she got a new "fan",the stinky guy? LOL!

and yessss!!Ive been waiting for kayespee,hahaha!Mabuti na lang at humingi pala sa yo ng sorry,hehe,mabait naman pala! ;)

I think its nice to spend much of your time in the library..and it has some thrills,too huh?attention form youngins??hahaha!
naughty Angelo!!keep it up!!

happy blogging!

am i the first?hmm,not sure..

Anonymous said...
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Jane said...

I have tried to give up Micky D's but I have to admit that once a year or so I give in to the craving. There is nothing so good as warm fries from McD!

ghee said...

yay!!Im the first!! LOL!

oh,and I forgot to say that I think you better drink some medicine for your PMS,hahaha!

Thats all!nighty nighty! :)

tina said...

awww... mcdo!! yum yum! but yeah.. too much is dangerous... hehe. ;p

well youre seeing the light sight of Irritating / Gross girl then.

Be Blessed always!

Leah said...

Hi Angelo, I think I should follow suit. I was just asking my hubby to go to McD last nite. Good I have him coz he declined and said we'll have salad at home instead.

Good to read your happier and much lighter tone. My T13 will be up soon.

Laurence said...

Hi Angelo !!!
Your français is good and I answer that : "je vais bien, merci ! et toi ?"

I like that big mac... Quel appétit !!! ;-)

Great list !
Happy T13

sasha said...

I love your T13s, Angelo! Hahahhah... Makes me laugh out loud talaga! Hmm... no.9 ha, I read that! Hahahahh

Happy Friday (here)!

Take care always! :)

mar said...

Haven't had a hamburger in years. I guess that's what Europe does to you. Joyeaux Jeudi 13, excuse my French!

Puss-in-Boots said...


Hmmm, going to the library for nefarious purposes, eh? Looking at the young ones...oh, they say when you stop looking you may as well be dead!

Study hard, Angelo!

iskoo said...

the defaced global warning sign looks more interesting and eye catching as compared to the original version, hehe

Shoshana said...

I love McDonalds...especially the playplace. I can read and my kids can play.

I thought T13 was done for...duh!

Gina said...

Dropped by to say HI! Haven't had the chance to do my T13 this past 2 wks. Good to know that "some" annoyances & irritants aren't affecting you that badly anymore =P ...And awwwww, maybe nga you were just pms-ing that time,heheh.
The weather was pretty nasty ano? I hate to think of how dangerous the roads are now ,and how freezing cold it is to be outside in this weather. I could hear the wind still howling..Stay safe..
Have a good weekend!