Saturday, March 31, 2007

Harbinger of Spring #2

I was walking on campus today when I spotted these poking up through the underbrush....The little crocus is usually the first thing to bloom in Spring, and there they are... Yahoo! So in honour of this little harbinger of spring, here's my haiku to the crocus:

Oh lowly crocus
Disguised within your smallness
Are promises GRAND....

new life, new love, fresh beginnings, fresh fruit/vegetables, warmer winds, warmer spirits..... may the new growing season be productive for you, whether you're growing fruits or vegetables, or your knowledge, or your skills, or your body, or your health, or your heart, or your soul.... good luck, Godspeed, Cheers!



tina said...

one of my favorite songs was Remembering You.. by Steve Chapman.

"and I watch as the cold winter melts into spring.. and ill be remmebering you...."

its Narnia's soundtrack... im a Narnia fan.. and the song... ahh just lovely.. i love to sing it over and over,,

nice shot! :P spring symbolizes into something new.. new this and everythinG! :P

ghee said...

whoaahh!Spring is in the air huh :) finally!cheers,Angelo!

yeah,you`re right..goodluck to all fresh life,new love,thats nice! :)

its good to get away from any stresses,have fun,Angelo!

the flowers are beautiful!!


Patti said...

Thank you Angelo, And amen!

Shoshana said...

Very poetic Angelo...and now I learned something new.

I wasn't quite sure what crocus was. :) I keep hearing it, and who knows why I never got around to googling it.

sasha said...

Spring means new beginnings... So here's to new everything, Angelo! :)


Leah said...

Beautiful photos here and in your photo hunt. Its really great that spring is here. Looking forward to seeing more crocuses in bloom.

Have a good week ahead

jhenny said...

hi.. blog hopped lang po :) very nice flowers.. happy spring! :)

MeL said...

Those crocuses are a pretty sight. Yes,spring symbolizes new beginnings. Have fun in everything 'new' to you. Good luck! :)

Gina said...

yohooooo to spring!!!!! Have a truly truly wonderful promising one Angelo!
Aren't those crocuses pretty?

Puss-in-Boots said...

Spring crocus...aren't they lovely? All you northern hemisphere-ites are getting all frisky over spring and we're heading for cooler weather (I won't say autumn because we don't really get that, it just goes from hot to cooler).

Enjoy your week.

haze said...

Vive le printemps Angelo ! Les sont excellentes ! Bonne continuation !