Friday, March 23, 2007

Scenes Through a Dirty Window

I've written a lot about the interesting happenings on the subway right?... Well, since I started taking the GO train/bus (GO=Government of Ontario), I was hoping to maybe share some of the interesting things that happen there.... but nothing interesting EVER happens there... okay, maybe one or two things were pretty interesting... the majority of the riders are your typical suburbanite, usually quiet, mostly friendly and polite, and mostly keeping to themselves or talking amongst their own little regular rider cliques..... really nothing to write about.... I really tried to be extra vigilant and observant in case anything blog worthy should happen, but nothing.... so instead, I've been going camera crazy....

I'd like to share with you some end of the season wintery scenes from my daily ride from Meadowvale Station to Union Station, through the dirty windows of the GO bus.... so hop on board.... and enjoy the scenery coz it's all melting away.....Approaching the city from the highway.....See the Canada Geese?..... See the seagulls?.... Sunnyside Beach Pavilion.... should be opening again in a few months.... The building on the right is where my friend Christine wants to live.... Christine is one of my oldest and dearest friends, we've known each other since we were in grade 9! and this is Christine speeding by my bus.... Doesn't she look cool on her cell phone in her black Acura NSX!Inukshuk.... "so the people will know we were here"...... The Princes' Gate.....There's the downtown core from the Gardiner Expressway.....Welcome to Toronto, where the snow is finally melting....

Welcome to the Union Station Bus Terminal.....and welcome to Union Station..... No complimentary poem to accompany these scenes, but a quote that comes from the back of the Canadian $5 bill.....

Les hivers de mon enfance
étaint des saisons longues, longues.
Nous vivons en trois lieux:
l'école, l'église et la patinoire, mais
la vraie vie était sur la patinoire.

Roch Carrier

The winters of my childhood were
long, long seasons. We lived in
three places - the school, the church,
and the skating rink - but our real life
was on the skating rink.



tina said...

lovely shots... and i guess that was a lovely ride as well..

ghee said...

awesome pics,Angelo!I love them esp the 6th one :)it seems like i traveled with you :)

one thing i admire in your country is when the people/strangers talk to each other inside the bus or trains,just like in the movies :)we dont do that here,but i love talking to old women when they pay attention to me,i really enjoy the conversation with them,hehe.

what a coincidence huh?you were just thinkin about your friend,Christine and then you saw her pass by your bus? :)that`s cool!

happy weekend,Angelo!

Patti said...

Interesting. My commute is a little different, I see wildlife, trees, sky, and maybe one or two other cars.

ghee said...

oh yeah,you`re not yet done the time i commented,LOL!i havent seen the last 3 pics!

the union station terminal bus is so neat.and the Unios station is so proud of itself,its huge and beautiful!

havent skating for a while,ill try to practice :)

its sooo awesome out there!!wish i can fly!! haha!

Laurence said...

Simplement beautiful ! :-)

And the poem... I like it !

Happy Samedi ! ;-)

Shoshana said...

These are great shots of your city Angelo....reminds me a bit of Dallas downtown. I used to ride the bus going to school there.

Leah said...

The scenic ride is why we choose to take the GO train when going downtown instead of driving. I love the angel fromt he Princess Gates. And your photos of the Station is again ...great.

sasha said...

Thanks for sharing all of those pics, Angelo! Love it! :)

Parang gusto ko na tuloy pumunta dyan. Hahaha. Palusot, si ano kasi andyan din :D

MeL said...

Canada ia simply beautiful! :)
Love the different views from the bus esp the 4th pic. Btw, what's Inukshuk?

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Tina: Thanks Tina, yeah it's usually a great view to watch first thing every morning :)

Ghee: Thanks Ghee, glad you enjoyed the ride :) I usually don't talk to anyone, especially on the bus coz I'm always looking out the window... just initial small talk sometimes when you first sit down... most people are tired and just want to be quiet or at least I am :)
I haven't skated in sooo long too, the last time was, of all places, in Megamall!

Patti: Now trees, are my favourite kind of skyscraper. We need to plant more around the city :)

Laurence: Merci Laurence, bon semaine!

Shoshana: I really love taking the bus, you don't have to worry about the stress of traffic and city driving, no crazy parking costs, and you decrease your ecological footprint all at the same time!

Leah: Thanks Leah, ya I love the Princes' Gate, we need to make that area more accessible to the rest of the city, or they need to make more year-round points of interest there kasi sayang.

Sasha: hehe, thanks! Just let me know if you decide to come visit ;)

Mel: Thanks Mel, an Inukshuk or Inuksuk is an Inuit (aka "Eskimo" as the Americans call them - the Inuit do not like to be called Eskimo because it means "eaters of raw meat" and is precieved as derogatory, "Inuit" on the other hand means "Human Being") landmarker that sometimes is made in the form of a person.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I love your pics of Toronto, Angelo. It's a city I would like to see one day. Thank you for the interesting bus ride.


iskoo said...

hindi naging sagabal ang maruning bintana sa pagkuha mo ng magagandang tanawin sa canada, parang interesado tuloy ako pumunta dyan! teka akala ko taga US ka, sa Canda ka ba?

Christine said...

Kewl blurb! You have such a great opportunity to take in the scenery on your commutes, and it's great that you're one of those special people that appreciate it. Great pics.

It's funny you remember 'the place I'm gonna live'. I guess I talk about it waaay too much. Oh yeah..uhh, it's actually an RSX. If I actually had an NSX, I'd be in heaven!

Thanks for the mention Hommie!

Angelo de los Angeles said...

Puss-In-Boots: Thanks and you're welcome! Let me know if you ever decide to drop by :)

Iskoo: oo nga, buti na lang :) sabihin mo lang sa akin kung tutuloy ka sa Canada Iskoo! Pero baka lumipat ako sa States next year...

Christine: C!!!! Sup yo?! glad to see you on my blog.... geez I subconsciously upgraded your car! They finished the actual building you wanted eh? the one closer to the water?

haze said...

I guess men are born photographer ! I don't know how you do it Angelo, but sincerely you always have great photos to share ! Felicitations !!! Je prendre des photos mais je suis nulle, il n'y a rien interessant! J'espèrai de visiter Toronto un jour! Bon Vendredi !

iskoo said...

susundan kita sa US, hehehe. pero ipon muna ako pang-tour.