Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year Wishes

I headed to Times Square to visit the wishing wall on Monday....Times Square New Years 2010 007i on New Year's Eve these wishes will be incorporated into the confetti that will shower Times Square at midnight....

Times Square New Years 2010 001Times Square New Years 2010 015Times Square New Years 2010 008Times Square New Years 2010 004
I made three wishes... #1) for more New York.... I wanna stay in this friken awesome city until I get sick of it... which would be like in.... never! #2) strong teeth to deal with all the candy I've been eating.... I'm more than willing to lose all my teeth already just so that I'll get over this unhealthy addiction.... and #3) World Peace.... ya right, like that'll ever happen.... dream on folks, that's what the new year (and NYC) is for.... add your new year wishes to the Times Square Wishing Wall here.... who knows, maybe I'll catch it as it descends into Times Square on New Year's eve?

the sweet young lady who was pinning up everybody's wishes on the wall made a comment to me that she was going to be in a whole bunch of people's holiday photos.... nevermind that I said, try blogs, flickr and a little thing called facebook?.... damn these internets, is that thing still around anyway?.... so here you go sweetheart, Happy New Year to you....
Times Square New Years 2010 016i
there was even a replica of the Times Square New Year ball....
Times Square New Years 2010 011iTimes Square New Years 2010 010iTimes Square New Years 2010 017i
unfortunately, my flight did not arrive in time for me to make it to the "Good Riddance Day" festivities....
on Monday, a dumpster, shredder and sledge hammer were available at Fr. Duffy Square for everyone to get rid of any old baggage, memories or what not before the new year arrives.... I found a regular old rubbish bin and threw out some old candy that I found in my pocket.... it had been there for too long and was starting to melt into the fabric of my pocket.... that can't be healthy.... I feel ready to welcome 2010.... look out for me on t.v.!

Happy New Year folks!



ace said...

happy new year, kuya angelo! i hope you get more NY!!! :D

that wishing wall thing is so nice and inspiring. wish we have 1 of those here. :D

Puss-in-Boots said...

What a great idea, Angelo. I hope your wishes come true.

Happy New Year and may 2010 see your dreams come true.

Angelo said...

ace: Happy New Year Acey! Thanks I hope so too :)

Puss-in-Boots: Thanks Robyn, Happy 2010!

ghee said...

haha! i luv your wishes Angelo!!yeah,I bet no one can stay away fr NY after a visitation or even a short period of living!!

i remember the temples here,we also have the same culture on new year or other festivals...hanging our wishes on trees or any boards provided for that occasion.

i wish all your dreams come true!!THOUGH Your no.2 wish is not really a dream coz it needs your cooperation i think?hehe

i wud never give up my dream of going to the US esp NY one day!!

Angelo said...

ghee: hehe Ghee, ya I agree for number 2 :D

You're right, I remember those wishes at the jinja in Japan. It's the same thing I guess.

Yes if we don't EB in the Philippines or Japan, then NY it is!